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The Hilleberg Label System

All Hilleberg tents are made to the same exacting standards from some of the best fabrics available. They are grouped in to categories based on their construction and materials used, which governs the intended conditions that each tent is designed for.

Black Label

Black Label tents are the best choice if you want the most comfort and greatest ease of handling or if absolute all-season strength is the highest priority.

Black Label tent stocked by Open Air include:


Nammatj 2

Nammatj 2 GT

Nammatj 3 GT

Red Label

Red Label tents are the best choice if a general all-season strength and stability is required, but where light-weight is an over-riding priority.

Red Label tents from our range include:



Nallo 2

Nallo 3

Nallo 2 GT

Nallo 3 GT


Allak 3

Yellow Label

Yellow Label tents are best if light-weight is the main priority where some stability and weather protection can be sacrificed due to trips being taken in warmer climates or more benign snow-free conditions.

Anjan 2