Why Hiking Sandals Are A Fantastic Investment!

One of the largest growing trends within the outdoor footwear industry is sandals. High quality, highly durable, highly versatile and most of all, highly comfortable sandals are a fantastic tool to have in your arsenal.

Today, we wanted to share some of our favourite things about hiking sandals and why we believe they are a fantastic choice for any outdoor enthusiast or lover of warm weather!

Why Hiking Sandals?

Hiking sandals are interesting because when one is faced with a rocky terrain or perhaps a woods, the last thing that perhaps comes to mind is wearing sandals. When most people think of sandals they often think of either thin foam or the dreaded…flip flops!

Today we’re not speaking about those and they are definitely best left for use around the pool whilst abroad instead of on your hikes. Instead, modern hiking sandals aim to use incredibly sophisticated technology and manufacturing techniques in order to maximise comfort whilst still maintaining a similar level of support and stability that a standard hiking boot or shoe might.

Of course, sandals are situational and generally require a warmer environment to prove beneficial and we’d definitely not recommend walking through the snow in them! But as it’s summer, here are some of our favourite benefits of wearing hiking sandals over boots.

Enjoy the breeze!

The most common and apparent reason why many have adopted the sandal lifestyle is overheated feet. On a warm day, one of the leading causes of discomfort is having to put on thick hiking socks and then your hiking boots over those. This often results in overheating of the feet and excessive sweating, which can lead to discomfort whilst walking as well as potential fungal infections.

Sandals of course removes this problem and offers you instant access to the breeze around you whilst still keeping your feet nicely protected from the floor.

Fewer Blisters

This is an interesting one and ties nicely on from the previous point regarding sweating within your boots. Blisters can happen for a number of reasons, but the main ones are sweating, softening the skin and friction from the boot. As sandals have fewer points of contact with your feet, many hikers do often report that they get fewer blisters, particularly in between and under the toes. Whilst this isn’t true for everyone, or those with sensitive skin that blisters easily, for some, it can make a world of difference! 

Whilst they are fantastic for stability and support of the ankle, on a warm day, hiking boots put pressure on every part of the foot and will generally need taking off every so often during your walk to help your feet breathe.

Highly Versatile

Ever hiked with a rock in your boot? We’ve all been there! There’s nothing more annoying than having to stop your party every 30 minutes, taking off your boots and removing a small stone or twig, then having to re-tie the boot before setting off again.

As sandals are so accessible, that problem goes away almost instantly. Sure you might be slightly more likely to kick a stone under your toes, but because they’re always available, a quick adjustment and you’re good to go! Letting you spend more time hiking and less time adjusting your footwear.

Likewise, as they lack most of the weight of a hiking boot, sandals are a fantastic alternative as they require less energy to lift with each step. Weight on the feet requires far more energy to carry than weight on the back or hips, which is why wearing lightweight shoes is so important for energy conservation.

Finally, let’s talk about wet feet!

If the inside of your hiking boots get wet, that’s a big problem and can really ruin your day. A lot of trails involve some kind of water traversing or stream crossings and if that water gets inside your boot and you’ve still got some way to walk, expect blistering, fungal infections, and general discomfort, and often warping as the boot dries.

As they are so lightweight, breathable and versatile, sandals can be fully submerged in water without compromising their integrity or making the rest of your hiking miserable. Simply walk through whatever water you’ve come across, get to the other side, and keep walking – the air and your movement will have your feet dry in no time.

Explore The Outdoors…Or The City!

As we’ve discussed, hiking sandals are a great choice for anyone looking to keep feet cool. One other reason we absolutely love hiking sandals over boots is their versatility when it comes to other areas of exploring, particularly city breaks or hiking in warm temperatures where you need a little flexibility.

For example, hiking boots aren’t great for doing things like going sightseeing or visiting a restaurant, they’re often clunky and can cling to things like mud and dust pretty easily. Sandals are a fantastic solution here because they’re so multi-purpose, if you’re abroad, no one will blink twice seeing sandals in a restaurant, and you still get all the same benefits as above if you’re out exploring a local town or city. Because they’re so easy to slip on and off, hiking sandals can even be worn casually to run errands, meet up with friends, or just hang out around the house, so they’re a shoe that’s not just for those big days out, but can become a key part of your day to day life!

Sandals we love!

We know we’re a little biased, but our entire footwear ranges are handpicked by our experts because we believe they bring something truly unique to the table.

Keen Newport H2 Sandals

The Keen Newport H2 Sandals Men’s are versatile classic sandals with the toe protection of a shoe. The razor-siped sole provides excellent traction and the washable webbing upper is ready for all your adventures in and out of the water.

Meindl Capri Leather Sandals

The Meindl Capri have been favorite walking sandals of many of our customers for several years now, with many repeat purchases. Their high quality leather uppers, made from nubuck leather, are lined with a padded material that is comfortable against the skin and dries quickly. The synthetic insole is sculpted to provide support and comfort with channels to allow air to the soles of your feet on hot days. Great for gentle walks on hot summer weather and daily leisure use. The outer sole has enough tread to cope with walks in the countryside without being too chunky for everyday wear.

Teva Tirra Women’s

The Teva Tirra Womens sandals are ideal travel sandals – they are lightweight, comfortable, quick drying and won’t take too much room in your suitcase. More feminine look, thanks to thinner straps, and good colour range make these easy to dress up if you go out in the evening. The very good shock absorption underfoot and a sticky sole with fairly deep tread make these equally comfortable whether you are on a sandy beach or city footpaths.

There you have it! A small insight into the wonderful world of sandals! Want to learn more? Contact our experts today!

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