Kick It To The Cold! Our Top Picks For Cold Days!

There really is nothing worse than being unnecessarily cold when you’re out and about!

As more and more of us are heading to the great outdoors this year, we wanted to give you our top picks for this season to help you keep warm during your local adventures.

All of these products are perfect for the winter season and will give you all the tools you need to make the most of your walks! For more on the benefits of walking and discovering your local surroundings – Check this out: Surprising Ways Walking Impacts Your Mental Health

To make this collection fully complete, we thought we’d separate into Men’s And Women’s in order to give you a full description of the benefits of the kinds of products we can’t get enough of this year!

So ladies first, let’s get going! Jump to Men’s Essentials

Women’s Essentials:

To kick this list off, we are absolutely loving the incredible Haglöfs Dala Mimic jacket. This jacket is state of the art and was given a full redesign for this year. Haglöfs jackets are notoriously adaptable to almost all kinds of adverse weather and being a synthetic jacket, it’s high tech materials are both high density and enable weather protection so really good for the UK climate and our ever changing weather forecasts!

Do you ever find that when you get out of bed in the morning and there’s a chill in the air that you just want something lightweight and cosy? Well wonder no more!

The Icebreaker 250 Vertex not only acts as a fantastic base layer for keeping you warm on those brisk walks, but will keep you warm around the house without having to put on a heavy duty jumper. Stretchy and incredibly soft, the 250gm merino wool is incredibly adaptable and designed for mobility and comfort. Base layers aren’t just for hitting the slopes! Our team have had more than a few lazy Sundays in these lounge wear!

Did you know that mittens are actually one of the most overlooked pieces of outdoor kit? If tucking your frozen hands inside your jumper just isn’t doing it for you anymore, get yourself some Hestra Nordic Wool Mitts!

These beauties not only come have a super funky pattern, but because they are made from 80% wool, they are good in cold and damp weather for keeping your fingers warm at all times!

At Open Air, it’s no secret that we LOVE socks. Socks are an absolute essential and can impact almost any part of your day if you really think about it. Our team have all said that getting cold feet is the leading cause of a bad walk and is usually the thing most people complain about when the weather turns south. That’s why we really cannot recommend the Vicuna Antarcticaenough!

As the name implies, these beautiful heavy weight alpaca wool socks are not only perfect for braving the coldest of temperatures but provide also provide an amazing level of comfort for walking, lounging and just about everything in between!

To round off this list for the women, we’d love to showcase one of our most loved, most universal sweaters. The Fjällräven Ovik sweater is cosy, comfortable and perfect for everyday use.

We’ve been wearing it as both an under layer on a wintery walk and even more so as the ultimate lounge wear essential!

…Now onto the menswear!

Men’s Essentials

Kicking the menswear off is one of our absolute favourite winter essentials. Runners and late evening walkers rejoice as the Buff Dryflx answers all of your prayers!

This incredible product acts as a fantastic way of staying warm and safe during those darker evenings or brisk morning runs. The material covers the face (except the eyes and allows for easy breathing and comfort whilst providing and incredibly reflective surface at night that can be easily seen by oncoming traffic and cyclists.

You won’t be getting too far on a cold run or walk though without a good base layer to keep your body heat in! This winter, the entire team have been absolutely loving these incredible base layers from Rab. The entire Rab Forge range is made from merino wool so good for wicking and layering whilst also being lightweight and breathable.  With built in temperature regulation, rapid drying and anti-odour performance, you really can’t beat these amazing base layers for multi day use in varied conditions.

For those looking for something a little more heavy duty that you can use both as lounge wear and for when you’re out and about, the Sherpa Kangtega Quarter Zip Sweater is a must have! Much like the Rab underlayers, due to it being made from merino wool the warmth to weight ratio of this sweater is fantastic whilst still providing a sleek and practical style.

No outdoor explorer is complete without a great pair of gloves. That’s why we wanted to take a moment to focus on the wonder that is the Outdoor Research Arete Glove. This little beauty is designed for both Alpine and general winter use.

Allowing for full waterproof protection and amazing dexterity, the outer shell is comprised of a Gore-tex insert with stretch soft-shell on the back of the hand and super grippy palm. The best part though? These gloves are so adaptable due to the lightweight fleece liners that keep hands warm in intense conditions, and the silicone grip palms allow them to be worn independently from the shells on warmer days. That’s a big YES in our books!

To round off our list for today, we’re looking at the Haglöfs Spire Mimic hood. One of our absolute favourite everyday synthetic coats. This coat is super adaptable, perfect for wet days and like the female version, perfect for everyday use, keeping you warm and prepared for every weather eventuality!

So there you have it! Just a handful of our favourite picks for this outdoor cold season! The next time you head out on your walks you can rest easy knowing you’ve prepared well! Where are you off to next? We’d love to see what you are up to! Use the #ForTheOutdoors for more inspiration and exciting adventures!

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