Our Tips For Healthy Living

Amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life and all of the constant distractions and stresses that brings, it can often be difficult to stop to take a moment and let yourself relax.

With more and more people suffering from mental health conditions, stress and anxiety, Today we wanted to outline just some of our favourite tips for healthy living and how you can use them to improve your own physical and mental well being!

Get Outdoors / Exercise

It’s no real surprise this is top of our list! But there is truly something innate, natural and calming about being in the outdoors and exploring. The health benefits of the great outdoors have been widely reported and is still something that continues to amaze us.

The big misconception is thought that you have to be a regular hiker, or live near the woods to experience the great outdoors when really, you don’t. It doesn’t even have to be for long periods of time, even just a 10 minute wander during your lunch break is a great place to start!

Likewise, don’t let the weather put you off. We often hear people say ‘it’s too cold’ or ‘it’ll be raining’ as a reason to not get outside. We disagree! In our recent interview with outdoor lover Tasha Steel, she spoke about how a change in the weather can actually bring you an entirely new perspective and experience when exploring the outdoors!

So put on your walking boots and get out there, there’s a whole world to explore. If you’d like some more tips on getting prepped for your first hike, read our guide here.

Your Diet

Our second big tip for healthy living is also a bit of a no-brainer and something we hear almost every day, but with good reason! A healthy diet is the basis for a healthy sleep and lifestyle!

Processed foods and saturated fats are all leading causes of not only obesity and various health conditions such as cancers and heart disease, but also have enormous impacts on your psychological health through increasing inflammation and stress levels in your body. 

Whilst we’re definitely not saying that these are ‘bad’ meals and you should avoid them altogether, but perhaps instead try swapping out that next takeaway or microwave meal to supporting local organic farmers. Organic farming is not only a great way of reducing your environmental impact, but also a great tool for helping local business and experimenting with your food choices.

Each time you go shopping, try picking up just one or two new pieces of veg that you’ve either never tried before – you’ll thank us later!

Practicing Mindfulness

Mental well being is a whole topic in and of itself and something that more people are struggling with than ever. The first step forward though is realising that you’re not alone in this and there are an entire community of caring and supportive people who are always available to help. (We’ve included a list of great mental health organisations below)

As some easy and actionable ways to improve your mental well being though, we have been recently loving Headspace’s Guide To Meditation on Netflix. Practicing mindfulness and gratitude are all incredible ways to not only improve your own mental well being, but also help you appreciate the amazing things that life brings and the best part… You can start doing them today!

We’ve also found that improving your surroundings can have some fantastic impacts on your mental well being, especially when working from home. Adding more natural light, plants and natural relaxing smells like lavender into your room can have some amazing benefits on your mental state of mind. For more, read our guide on how to make your indoor spaces feel more ‘outdoorsy’.

Try something new

This also ties in nicely with doing something you love! Whether it be learning a musical, walking, climbing, cycling, reading, painting, dancing, board games or anything in between, it’s always important to take some time to do the things you love…But equally, why not try something completely new!

Perhaps you’ve never given nordic walking a try but have always wanted to? Now’s the time! There is a whole world out there to explore and the only one stopping you from finding your next passion is you!

Stay connected

Finally, and this is a big one for us, staying connected with loved ones is essential! Whether it be a simple message to a friend, or meeting up safely for a coffee. Humans thrive off of other humans and it’s those small moments and interactions that last a lifetime. Make time for others and they’ll more often than not make time for you.

So we hope you’re now feeling nicely invigorated and prepared to take on the world! What are your favourite tips for healthy living? We’d love to hear your views! Get in touch with us on social media @OpenAirUK or use the #ForTheOutdoors to share your tips!

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