Gear Talk: The Lowe Alpine Cholatse Review

When it comes to a sturdy and lifelong backpack, few come close to the quality and supportive features of Lowe Alpine, today we’re exploring one of the newest arrivals in their range and running through some of our favourite features of the Low Alpine Cholatse Range.

Firstly, the Cholatse comes in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit all needs, most notably however is that 3 out of 4 of the range that we have taken are particularly designed with women in mind and feature Lowe Alpine’s signature ‘ND’ range that features a more comfortable hip positioning and chest straps.

This range comes in a variety of sizes, each loaded with it’s own unique colour combinations:

30 Litre

32 Litre

40-45 Litre

50:55 Litre

Lowe Alpine Cholatse ND 30

Kicking things off with the smallest of the bunch, we’re looking at the Lowe Alpine Cholatse ND 30. This pack can be broadly best described as a fantastic women’s year-round pack that is teaming with advanced day hiking features.

As all of the Cholatse are, this pack is made from tough ripstop nylon with durable 420D woven reinforcements, giving you full confidence that this is a pack that will last! The 420D is re renowned for it’s strength, tensile strength and durability, so this isn’t a pack that will see tears or rips after just a few uses.

Lowe Alpine have also engineered and redesigned their signature Air Contour+ carry system to include an adjustable one-piece scapula for a snug, stable fit on the shoulders that moves with your body instead of against it, like many lower end packs sometimes have that can sometimes ‘throw’ you off your walking stride. The breathable mesh-covered, thermo-moulded back pad, alongside hip belt and shoulder straps also helps draw heat and moisture away from your back when undergoing high output activity.

The 30 litre capacity may not sound like much compared to the likes of the 50 Litre, however 30 is absolutely ideal for a day hike where you still need some essentials without wanting something too encumbersome or heavy. Whatever you’re carrying, the tapered base transfers the bulk of the weight to your hips and lumbar for a super comfortable carry when navigating varied trails in the mountains.

Recommended for: Women who are looking for a standard, sturdy day pack that can be used for any day trips.

Lowe Alpine Cholatse 32

Next up we’re looking at the Lowe Alpine Cholatse 32 and whilst that extra 2 litres might not sound like a lot, the Cholatse 32 is also the only pack that is more of a unisex pack. Much like its 30 litre sister, the Cholatse 32 is loaded with similar functionality that makes it a fantastic choice for year-round
hiking or day packs.

This pack features a slightly narrower hip support and longer back length at 48-53cm (the cholatse 30 has a back length of 43-48cm) so is ideal for those on the taller side who need that extra length for the bag to fit comfortably.

The pack is made from the same 420D woven reinforcement and weighs just 1.53kg. It also features the classic front access as well as top-loaded entry and its stretch side pockets, extendable lid and front-stash clamshell design mean you can tailor your load to the demands of the day.

Recommended for: Men or slightly taller women who are looking for a standard, sturdy day pack that can be used for any day trips. (We also can’t get enough of the ‘Blue Night’ colour!)

Lowe Alpine Cholatse ND40:45

When it comes to mid-sized packs that are designed for multi-day mountain hikes, the women’s range on this style of pack can sometimes seem a little bare. That is why we opted to take the Lowe Alpine Cholatse ND40:45. This pack is built with one intention in mind: Agility and confidence on steep, strenuous trails.

In short. It achieves this goal beautifully.

As well as the staple Air Contour+ carry system, the ND40:45 uses a thermo-moulded back pad with integrated mesh to help disperse heat and moisture when the load or work rate increases, keeping you cooler and in control for longer. For a keenly tailored fit, the pack uses top tensioners, a forward-pull hip belt and a simple hook-and-loop back-length adjustment system.

Being a larger bag, it’s far more likely that you’ll want your bag’s contents to be more stable when walking about, there’s nothing more annoying than a bit of kit rattling around! That’s why the bag also features multiple compression straps to keep your load stable and under control. With easy front entry, an expandable lid, plenty of lashing points and highly efficient load transfer, it is the perfect companion for four-season hillwalking, overnight bivvys and hut-to-hut adventures.

Recommended for: Women on the go! Those who are doing high output multi-day treks and need a pack that can keep up with the challenge!

Lowe Alpine Cholatse ND50:55

Finally, we’ve got the big one! A 50:55 litre pack is more than enough for a full explorer’s week away. With enough handles, compartments and features to pack for whatever your adventure throws at you. This pack is perfect for all occasions. From summer alpine treks to Scottish winter hill walks, the Lowe Alpine Cholatse ND50:55 is built with comfort, stability and convenience in mind. 

Ripstop nylon with zoned reinforcements means that any potential damage to this pack (trust us, it’s hard to damage it) is minimal and makes it super sturdy when carrying heavy loads or traversing sharp terrain.

In our opinion, the comfort, fit and stability on this pack are outstanding, thanks to an adjustable back, a one-piece scapula structure  which runs on internal aluminium rails for superior load transfer. This pack brilliantly distributes weight and your load through a variety of compression straps and tensioners.

Worried about your lower back? Not a problem! A soft polyurethane sponge lumbar with softer foams in the hip belt and harness gives instant comfort without compromising stability and the back panel mesh is slightly trampolined away from the moulding to aid breathability and airflow, making the pack super efficient for keeping you cooler on those warm hikes.

Lowe Alpine really have thought about user convenience with this pack and know that easy access whilst walking is just as important as packing the bag! The pack features a lovely wraparound front zip which enables you to open it like a duffle bag. With secure attachment points for an axe and walking poles, plus daisy chain lashing points, stretch mesh side pockets and a large front-stash pocket that’s perfect for a waterproof shell so no matter the eventuality, you’ll have an answer!

Recommended for: The ideal women’s year-round pack for mixed, multi-day mountain adventures that require comfort to be king (or queen!)

We hope you’ve enjoyed this focus on these incredible packs and know that you’ll love them just as much as we do! To learn more about the Lowe Alpine Cholatse or any of our packs, speak to our experts today!

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