The Best Boots For Dog Walking

We love sharing the great outdoors with our favourite four legged friends! More and more of us are using dog walking as a great escape from the stresses of modern life and as such, more and more people find themselves looking for the perfect boots to keep up with their dogs.

Today we thought we’d give you a great breakdown of not only the top boots for your dog walks but offer some expert insight into why we ALWAYS recommend trying before buying when it comes to finding the right walking boots for you!

Try Before You Buy!

As mentioned, it’s super important to always try your shoes before you buy. We really can’t stress this enough! In a world where most of us are always on the hunt for next day delivery and quick buying it can be an easy to overlook, but ultimately if you’re going to be wearing these shoes for long periods of time, it’ll be your feet that suffer!

Buy boots that are too large and your feet won’t be properly supported and if you buy boots that are too small, your toes will be in agony after a few hundred metres. Just trust us on this one, take the time and give your feet the break they deserve!

We’re such big advocates of this that we’ve been offering ‘virtual’ shoe fittings, so you can even try your shoes properly with our expert advice before you buy. Get in touch today to book your fitting!

The Best Kinds Of Dog Walking Boots

Now that’s out of the way, let’s delve into it! For the best dog walking experience, we generally always recommend a mid to tall cut walking boot made out of leather.

There’s a few reasons for this: The height not only to enhances support around the ankle, but also prevents moisture seeping in if you end up walking through long grasses or boggy fields (don’t forget to bring the towels for your pooch as well! No one wants a muddy backseat!)

Likewise, the leather is the best material in our opinion as not only is a smooth leather going to be easier to clean when you get back, but you can also enhance the weather resistance with the application of wax. 

You can also check this out in our quick guide to finding the right walking boot for you here!

To make things simpler, we’ve picked out three ideal boots for all feet shapes and sizes as a fantastic starting point for choosing the right shoe for you!

Altberg Malham: The Perfect All-Rounder

An absolute classic British walking boot, the Alberg Malham is  lightweight, yet hard wearing and made from classic full grain leather so you’ll still be able to make them fully weather resistant. The cuff of this boot is slightly lower, but the tongue is stitched in all the way which gives them similar level of weather resistance than a higher walking boot. Likewise the inside is lined with waterproof and breathable Sympatex membrane so your feet will still be able to breathe whilst staying dry!

Being based in Yorkshire, Alberg certainly know their way around Britain so this makes for one of our absolute favourite local brands to buy from!

Altberg Keld – Ideal For Wider Fits

If your feet are a little on the wider side, you’ll know the bane of trying to find a walking boot that fits properly, not to worry though as more and more manufacturers are now designing for the wider footed person! The Altberg Keld is the perfect example of this, having many similar features to the Malham but with that wider fit. The upper part of the boot is a seamless one piece construction, made from first grade Italian Nubuck leather. Which can also be waxed for ease of cleaning and to improve longevity.

Zamberlan UltraLite – Slim and sleek

Finally, for those with a slimmer foot and want something that’s easy to break in, we can’t recommend the Zamberlan UltraLite enough! They are lined with breathable and waterproof Gore-Tex membrane to keep you dry whilst also being quite low around the ankle, which makes them perfect for countryside or coastal walking. Perhaps less suited for longer grasses, but if that’s not your usual wander anyway, there would make the perfect shoe for you!

So what are you waiting for?! You’ve got your shoes and hopefully your dog at the ready! Get out there, explore and find the joys that a good old dog walk can bring you both!

If you would like any further assistance, or want to book yourself a virtual fitting with our expert teams, we’re on hand to help right now!

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