Lockdown Stories: Tasha Steel

In this episode of our Lockdown stories series, we’re speaking to award winning travel and lifestyle blogger Tasha Steel. Tasha lives in the Northeast of England, between Sunderland and Durham and is an enormous advocate for getting outdoors. We asked Tasha about not only her own lockdown experience, but to get your taste for adventure tingling, her favourite travels and why they meant so much to her!

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“If we’re going worldwide, the best place I’ve ever been is definitely Australia, that was a massive trip I went on three years ago. It was just one of those dream places I always wanted to visit so I booked a flight, I went on my own so it was a massive solo travel adventure and to be honest it was one of those places where you think: ‘I really hope it lives up to my expectations’ – but it went above and beyond what I expected, I spent a month travelling around to see as much as I possibly could. Everything from Melbourne to the Whitsunday Islands, the scenery was amazing, the cities were great and it was an amazing place to go!

Bringing it a bit closer to home though, the Isle of Skye in Scotland, we had a family holiday there a good few years ago and we’ve always spoken about going back, every turn you take there is just a picture perfect moment. I remember being in the back of the car and we’d turn a corner and see these hills or see some water features and I just remember we had to keep stopping because we just had to take a photo of them because it was so stunning.”

Like many of us, Tasha’s love for the outdoors started when she was younger and has been something that she has continued to enjoy into her adult life. She also notes how there are some incredible opportunities to explore right outside your door – especially with a National Trust membership!

“From a young age whenever we went on family holidays, they were always very outdoorsy we’d always go out for walks, I remember being a part of the national trust for years and years, I think we had a family membership at the time, but it meant that I was always bundling up in different layers and getting outside and it’s just stuck ever since, I’ve now got an adult membership for the National Trust. I still take any chance I can get to go outside, even if it’s just a walk at lunch to break up work or trying to get a longer run in on the weekend. There’s just something about being out there and in the wild I guess.

I think even if you’re somebody who doesn’t get out that much and maybe just goes for the occasional walk. Paying for a national trust membership, you’re basically supporting all of these amazing places to stay open and particularly over the past year, the impact they’ve had on people is just amazing! They’ve stayed open and just popping out for a coffee and a little walk, it just takes you away to a different place to help you get your thoughts in line for whatever is going on!”

Something that a lot of people have been struggling with during the colder months is weather. We’re all accustomed to a little bit of Seasonal Affect Disorder during those grey and dreary days, but Tasha has taken them into her stride!

“I think sometimes the weather can put you off, but it really shouldn’t! I got a new Rab jacket a little while ago and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done because I can just bundle myself up, put the hood up and off I go, even if it’s thunder and gale, whatever it is. Don’t be put off by the weather and any chance to get outside you can really make the most of. I also think that sometimes it’s quite nice when the weather is a little bit different. Even when it’s just a frosty morning, sometimes things can just look completely different to normal and I guess it’s just about getting that fresh air.

If, like me, you’re working from home at the moment and are just sitting in the same place all day and there’s no differentiation on where you are, getting out, going for a walk just helps break up the day a bit. I mean there’s loads of research around the benefits of being outside and just being active I’m not saying everyone has to be a trail runner, but I do think everyone should get outside every day, even if it’s just for 15 minutes or something. You’ll definitely feel better.

You might discover somewhere that’s really near to you that you’ve never been before. It’s been kind of nice that you can’t go as far a field because it’s made me find new places nearby that I didn’t know existed! A lot of these places are so near that you never normally bother, but now is the time to go and see that place!

This year, I’m trying to keep my ambitions a bit closer to home this year. I guess really it’s just going out for longer periods of time. I want to get back up to Northumberland and get the bikes out. A bit further afield than that, it’s Scotland and the Lake District, get a few hikes in and just see the scenery.”

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