Take A Tour Of The New Open Air Store!

It’s finally here and we’re thrilled to be able to shout it from the rooftops…The New Open Air Fitting Store is here!

We’re thrilled to now showcase our new footwear, pole and pack fitting space (located at No.28 Green Street, Cambridge) with you and would love to explain a little more about the changes to our services.

Welcome in! (Photo: Angus Whitby)

As we recently mentioned in our company open letter regarding the new changes to Open Air and our shift towards online retailing, we have been overwhelmed by the level of support and understanding of our long term and new customers alike. Our online service for products such as jackets, trousers and clothing allows us to reach more people across the country and ship goods quickly, sustainably and efficiently as possible so you can get on with the really important stuff…Getting outdoors!

Something that we still value immensely however is the need for a focused, precise and professional fitting service when it comes to more specialist items such as walking boots, climbing shoes, backpacks and walking poles… And so we welcome a new era of Open Air in our No.28 Fitting Store.

A shoe for any occasion! (Photo: Angus Whitby)

Found in Green Street, Cambridge, our new dedicated fitting place is not your usual high street shop. Unlike clothing, footwear and packs require an expert fitting in order to get the most comfortable outcome for your next adventure. We know the importance of comfort when walking, trekking, trail running or climbing so we believe that quality service should be at the forefront of each of these experiences and each fitting should be personalised to you and your goals.

If your shoes are too tight, you’ll end up in immense pain, too loose and you’ll have blisters all over the place! Likewise with backpacks, a pack that’s too small will place strain on your shoulders, whilst a pack that isn’t fitted correctly will do nightmares for your lower back.

Our expert team has been trained and prepared to help you with exactly this, find the boots and equipment that is perfectly suited to you, your body, your needs and your next adventure!

Inside the new space! (Photo: Angus Whitby)

That is also why we are continuing to innovate and operate on a recommended appointment basis. 

Only a handful of people will be in our store at one time and you are able to receive the undivided attention of our experts. You are of course welcome to turn up without a reservation, however much in the same way as you would at a restaurant, do so at your own risk. If our teams are with a customer who has a reservation, they will receive priority and you will be asked to book an appointment online instead of waiting outside.

(Whilst we all love the outdoors this is not the experience we believe you should have with us.)

Let The Tour Begin!

As you can see we have taken a particular care and attention to detail when laying out the new fitting spaces. From dedicated fitting stools where our experts will be able to find your precise measurements to our wall of essentials such as socks and insoles, you’ll have everything you need within reaching distance…and as you’ll be the only person in the store, our experts are there to answer any questions you might possibly have regarding absolutely anything footwear or equipment related!

Need socks? We’ve got you covered! (Photo: Angus Whitby)

Across our wall of boots and shoes, you’ll find a handpicked selection of some of our absolute favourite ranges that will prepare you for almost any eventuality! Looking for a shoe for gentle summer dog walking? No problem! What about a hardy boot designed for hiking the lake district again and again? We’ve got you covered!

Even if you have absolutely no idea what you’re up to, our experts are more than capable enough to help find a shoe that will fit almost any need you can think of. 

No adventure is too much! (Photo: Angus Whitby)

This extends too into walking poles, a real minefield for those who aren’t quite sure of the differences (although we do have a handy article for that here) your dedicated team member will help find the perfect pole for you and explain exactly how to use them so you’ll be making the most out of every step.

Find your perfect walking pole with us! (Photo: Angus Whitby)

In terms of backpacks, fittings are carried out in the exact same way, we’ll firstly help deliberate exactly what it is that you are looking to get out of your pack and offer a selection of choices that we believe will help you achieve the exact goal that you are looking for! From standard day packs to full hiking rucksacks, no matter your plans, we’ll have something durable and suitable for your next adventure!

Want to come and visit the store for yourself? Book your appointment today! We can’t wait to see you soon! 

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