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How to Clean and Care for your Walking Boots

All great walking boots are build with durability and longevity in mind, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need a little top up and TLC every once in a while! In this guide, we’ll walk you through step by step how to clean and care for your walking shoes or boots in order to maximise their lifespan and keep you exploring for years to come! We’ll explore not only excellent cleaning technique, but will also provide some top tips to ensure dry feet and long-lasting use. Regular Cleaning Tips Walking... Read More


How to Buy Walking Boots that Fit

Images and Text by Angus Whitby. Well-fitting walking boots aren’t just necessary to prevent bruised toes and blisters. They support your ankles and feet and are crucial in reducing fatigue and injury over the course of your walk. Following on from our guide on choosing the best walking boots or shoes, here is a more detailed overview of walking-boot fitting for those who are unable to visit our footwear department on Green Street for personalised walking boot fitting service or want to buy your own kit online! View our full footwear... Read More


How to Choose the Best Walking Boots and Shoes

Images and Text by Angus Whitby. If your new walking boots don’t fit properly, you risk trip-ruining discomfort (or worse serious injury) so it pays to get the best fitting walking boots you can. That is where Open Air’s footwear department is here to help with nearly 30 years of collective experience in assisting boot and shoe fitting for men, women and children. Use these tips for buying the best walking boots. Footwear Styles Comfortable walking boots are an essential part of your outdoor experience. No one wants sore feet... Read More