Kanken Backpack


Fjällräven’s Famous G-1000 Fabric

By Kaisa, Jonathan, and Marta This comfortable, versatile, durable and hard-wearing fabric is a key material in much of Fjällräven’s apparel and equipment. In this article, we explore how this fabric was created, what it is, how it’s used, and how to repair your garments to keep them useful for many years to come. The History The Fabric The Versions of G-1000 Repairing your G-1000 Kit A Timeless Fabric For Explorers When a Scandinavian expedition explored Greenland in 1966, their provider of very functional backpacks and tents was Fjällräven –... Read More


Fjällräven FAQs

Here at Open Air, it’s no secret that we love Fjällräven; they produce some outstanding clothing and equipment with an incredible level of thought put into the design. Whilst the Kånken is wildly popular, some things may be less familiar, so here is our handy guide to the questions we get asked most: How do you pronounce Fjällräven/Kånken? What does Fjällräven/Kånken mean? Where does Fjällräven come from? What is so special about a Kånken/Why are Kånkens so popular? Is Fjällräven worth the money/Why is Fjällräven so expensive? What fabric is... Read More


Caring for your Kånken

By Kaisa, Kristine, and Marta. I promised myself I wouldn’t get one upon my start at Open Air. The Kånken seemed that little bit too popular. The square backpack pops up everywhere; it’s carried by schoolkids, students and seniors (my grandma loves the handles at the top). As can be seen below I gave in, I saw the light, and when I saw this pattern it was just too darn cute not to have. Plus I had been worn down by its features; the practical design and the tough material... Read More


Open Air Launches Fjällräven ‘Shop-in-shop’ on Green Street.

Images by Angus Whitby On the 5th of November, we were delighted to open the doors to our brand new Open Air store on Green Street stocking exclusively Fjällräven product, the largest range in East Anglia. Open Air has carried the Swedish outdoor brand for much of its existence on Green Street with the colourful ‘Wall of Kånkens’ (Fjällräven’s iconic backpack) greeting customers as they enter the main store. Eagle-eyed Fjällräven fans will note a few subtle details to the space, including fitting room curtains made from Fjällräven’s cornerstone G-1000... Read More