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Fjällräven’s Famous G-1000 Fabric

By Kaisa, Jonathan, and Marta This comfortable, versatile, durable and hard-wearing fabric is a key material in much of Fjällräven’s apparel and equipment. In this article, we explore how this fabric was created, what it is, how it’s used, and how to repair your garments to keep them useful for many years to come. The History The Fabric The Versions of G-1000 Repairing your G-1000 Kit A Timeless Fabric For Explorers When a Scandinavian expedition explored Greenland in 1966, their provider of very functional backpacks and tents was Fjällräven –... Read More


Celebrate Christmas with Gifts from Fjällräven

From Cambridge to mountain, from city to nature, Fjällräven products are highly functional created for active lives. And with the opening of our new Fjällräven store-in-store on Green Street, we’re ready to help you celebrate this Christmas, bringing to you our pick of the perfect Fjällräven gifts for men, women and children. Totepack No.1Fjallraven’s simple and stylish Totepack No.1 is unbelievably practical and can be carried on the shoulder, in hand, or as a backpack. Featuring a secure zippered opening, constructed of Fjallraven’s signature waxed G-1000 material, Totepack is perfect... Read More


The Best Gift Ideas for the Outdoor Enthusiast at Open Air

Open Airists, it’s that time again!  Green Street has never looked prettier with christmas lights criss-crossing the iconic cobbled roadway creating a very magical experience when the sun goes down. And with Christmas mere weeks away, our stores are a hive of activity. Whilst Christmas shopping can be a rather overwhelming prospect, one normally has a few easy people on their list to buy for and we’re pretty sure outdoor enthusiasts fall into that camp. (There is ALWAYS room for another tool, backpack or gadget to add to the kit... Read More