Stories from the Open Airers: Summer 2021

This summer, we wanted to celebrate exploration once more! In what has been known as the year of Staycations, across our team, we’ve safely travelled the length and breadth of the country as restrictions open once more and we can begin exploring the beauty of the British countryside!

If you’re either looking to start planing your next summer adventure, or are looking for some inspiration for your next roadtrip, these are some fantastic suggestions.

Here’s what just a few members of the Open Air team have been up to!

Hannah – Scotland Roadtrip

This summer, Hannah, her husband Dan and their wonderful dog Wilson took a trip up to Scotland to explore the Munros, a beautiful series of walks and paths that really help showcase the beauty of the Scottish Landscape!

Each of these incredible mountain’s peaks are over 3000 feet high so were the perfect way to take in some incredible scenery and wildlife in the quiet of the wilderness!

We’re sure that Wilson especially loved it too! 

Brett – St Ninian’s Isle, Shetland.

Another Open Airer taking to the Scotland this year was Brett, who instead of mountains, opted for a far more beach led-getaway on Shetland. For Brett, the highlight of his trip was visiting St Ninian’s Isle, a stunning almost causeway like piece of natural phenomena and an archaeological site that more than delivers spectacular sights!

This particular part of the island is interesting as one of the finest sand tombolos in Europe, and the largest active tombolo in the UK. As a fun fact about Shetland, did you know that no matter where you go on the island, you are never more than 5 km away from the sea.

Whilst the sea may look inviting for a quick dip, Brett says that even with wetsuits on, “the sea was like liquid ice and I only lasted about five minutes!”, unless you’re a fan of ice baths, perhaps best stick to the shoreline next time!

Jonathan – Cycling The Highlands

When we first started this list, we thought we’d been all over the place, turns out a lot of our team have moved up to Scotland!

Unlike Hannah and Brett however, Jonathan opted to explore the beautiful Scottish scenery by bike! Scotland is renowned for some incredible bike trails for those willing to step up to the challenge and it seems like whilst the weather may not have always been on his side, the views were made all the better when the sun did show it’s face!

Check out his views from Drumochter and cycling the Burma road near Aviemore!

Fun fact: Drumochter means ‘high ridge’ and is the main mountain pass between the northern and southern central Scottish Highlands!

Ben – Cornwall 

On the other end of the country, Ben spent some time this Summer exploring the quaint and quiet villages across Cornwall.

Castles, waterfalls, beaches and plenty of extreme hills, him and his family had a fantastic time discovering an abundance of beautiful scenery and seaside sights. Thankfully, unlike Brett, because of Cornwall’s famous sub-tropical climate, the side was far warmer and delightful!

That being said, we certainly put in the effort as Cornwall is also home to no end of cliff walks with steep inclines, as well as some truly unique walks up some of the steepest streets in the UK in Clovelly. 

Gus – Cambridgeshire Cycling!

Gus has also been out and about on the bike this year, just a little closer to home. If the past two years have taught us anything, it’s that there truly are some real hidden treasures right outside your door! From Thetford to London, Gus has been discovering some real hidden gems and taking some fantastic photos along the way!

Check out Gus’s photography page here! @anguswhitby

Where was your big adventure this year? Did you discover a new hidden treasure within the UK? Or are you planning your next adventure further afield? We’d love to hear about it! Use the #ForTheOutdoors to join our ever growing community of outdoor lovers!

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