Staff Book & Film Picks: Kristine

This week Kristine shares two films, one for the family and the other for some introspection.

Snow Dogs

Why I like it:

The story is about a Miami dentist who inherits a house and a pack of sledge dogs in Alaska from his birth mother. Although he is not used to the cold climate of Alaska and the dogs are rebellious at the beginning, he decides to stay and compete with the dogs in a local race, where the adventure begins.

It is a traditional story about friendship, challenges and adventures. The film is very fun, light, it has good jokes, and it is appropriate for all age groups. I would suggest it for a cosy family evening watch or played in the background while baking some biscuits.


Why I like it:

Based on a book of the same name, this is a story about a young troubled woman who’s recently experienced the loss of her mother and separation with her husband. With no experience of hiking, Cheryl Strayed decides to walk alone for a thousand miles. This challenging experience gives her pleasure and fear which leads to the strengthening and healing of her character.

Personally, I like this story because it gives hope that all of us can change no matter what’s happened in the past. The movie presents the idea that human beings are stronger than we believe we are, and that we can overcome any difficulties if we really want to. An essential role in the movie is played by nature – it is a girl’s teacher, friend and enemy. This is not a family film, but it is definitely a good choice for emotional recharging.

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