Snow Day Essentials: What To Wear This Winter!

With snow on the way, you’ll want to get yourself prepped! Today we thought we’d give you a quick guide to all of our top picks for the snowy season that will be sure to last you for years to come!

Step 1: The Jacket

You won’t get far without a decent jacket! Having the right jacket for the snowy season is essential and if it’s the right one for you, a high quality jacket can easily last a lifetime. When it comes to snow and ice, there’s no point in doing half the job. You need to keep that crisp air out and your body warmth in or pretty soon you’ll find yourself having a pretty horrendous time.

Most insulated jackets are designed for exactly this purpose, with many providing not only warmth, but also a waterproof outer layer to keep your body dry for the whole day! 

For women, a great pick could be the Haglöfs Spire Mimic Hood. Filled with a remarkable synthetic material called Mimic Gold, that is warm and also adds superb performance in wet conditions. Don’t worry about mobility though! Strategically-placed non-quilted areas allow for greater ease of movement but are insulated with synthetic sheets – meaning no cold spots. That’s a big tick in our books! 

For the men, the Rab Microlight Alpine Jacket Men’s takes a stylish framework and allows for a versatile, easy-pack jacket for almost all outdoor cold expeditions. It features a combination of zoned micro and nano baffles to increase core warmth without inflating weight or bulk as well as being made from fully a recycled shell, insulation and lining.

Step 2: Layer up!

Thermals are a must have for any outdoors-person and the importance of them really can’t be stressed enough. Thermal underwear essentially functions as a second skin, creating an insulating base layer between your body and the fabric you wear. A good pair of thermal leggings or vests can be the difference between freezing and having a great time with the family, so don’t skip out on them!

A set of Icebreaker leggings or Fjällräven Thinwool under layer will be sure to keep your body heat in and the cold very much out this winter and for many more winters to come!

Step 3: Keep Your Feet Dry!

You won’t get far without a decent pair of waterproof shoes. Wet and cold socks is a surefire way to ruin your fun, so getting a pair of snow boots such as the Meindl Wengen Snow Boot could be a fantastic idea!

Of course, for many of us we only get a few days of snow a year (if that anymore!) so sometimes a set of wellies with layers of thick socks can do just fine to keep your feet dry. For those who send a lot of time in the snow though, snow boots are a real game changer that you’ll be able to enjoy for a long time to come!

Step 4: Don’t forget about the little things!

From hats to gloves to hats, winter accessories come in all shapes and sizes and are crucial to keeping those often neglected areas warm and staying safe in the snow.

Whilst the snow is always a tonne of fun and a great place to make memories, it does still need some respect and care or you risk hypothermia.

You won’t be making many snowballs without the right set of waterproof gloves after all!

So get out there and enjoy the snow this year knowing that you’re all set for whatever the weather throws at you!

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