New In From Scarpa: Spin Infinity & Gecko

It’s no secret that we absolutely love Scarpa! Absolutely everything that this incredible brand release hits the nail on the head every single time.

Today we wanted to share with you not only the latest in their innovations of what makes great footwear, but also focus on two incredibly sport and adventure focused releases, the Spin Infinity, designed as the perfect accompaniment to any trail runner, and the Gecko, the perfect Climbing Approach shoe that brilliantly blends exploration with climbing, where sensitivity, precision and grip are the most important features. 

Here we wanted to offer our own review on these amazing new additions to the Scarpa lineup and why we recommend them! Want to learn more about who Scarpa are? Read our brand spotlight here!

Without further ado, let’s jump in!

Scarpa Spin Infinity

The first thing to know about any Scarpa product is that they’re built with function at the forefront, from walking boots, to climbing shoes, every element of the design has your adventure and activity at the heart.

The latest in trail running innovation, the Spin Infinity is no exception to this and has been designed to be ultra lightweight and built to last. This is a shoe which provides a big stable base for trails. It’s wide and has a high volume toe box. Scarpa is now giving a lot more attention to trail running, they’ve sponsored the Tour Des Geants (TORX) and are putting in the foundations to secure them as a firm favourite in the trail running community. Want to learn more about the basics of trail running? Explore our guide here.

Straight from the offset, the Spin Infinity breathes a breath of fresh air…just look at that electric blue colour!

When it comes to the technicality, the shoe more than delivers on technological innovation. In order to blend both comfort and practicality, Scarpa have opted to include a Dual-density midsole with a Foot Stabilizer Control system, which ensures greater stability and control when clambering across uneven surfaces. 

This then works in tandem with the Adaptive Cushioning System, cushioning in the heel and forefoot and offering a soft landing with every single step. One of our personal favourite features is also the addition of a Vibram® MegaGrip outsole, giving ultimate grip and stability even on some of the slippiest of surfaces.

One common pain point for a lot of trail runners is often holes in the top of their shoes. Because of the strain placed as the foot twists and turns, this is often the first part of the shoe to begin to show damage, however Scarpa have made an active effort to reinforce in the key areas around the toes where the shoe flexes, offering more durability and potential as you’ve out on the move.

Scarpa shoes often have a somewhat minimal feel to them as the brand emphase sleek and compact over larger designs, as such the stack height of the Spin Infinity is a little shorter than most trail running shoes, standing around 22mm/26mm, but despite this the foot feels incredibly stable when in use as the weight shifts seamlessly throughout the Foot Stabiliser Control system.

Being a slightly lower profile means that you’ll feel incredibly close to the trail when you run, picking up the nuances between each step to make sure you commit correctly. It’s an interesting balance between protection and ground feel that in our opinion, hits that sweet spot just right!

Overall, we believe that the Spin Infinity has set a new benchmark for the standards of what makes a sensational trail running shoe, it’s sleek, comfortable, adaptable and really helps build a nice connection between your foot and the trail.

To learn more about Scarpa or to try a pair, visit our fitting store today!

Scarpa Gecko

The Scarpa Gecko is another incredibly unique innovation that has really excelled expectation. This unique shoe blends climbing tough peaks with comfort for trekking.

On the steepest and most unstable of peaks, you need total reassurance that your shoe is up to the task, the Scarpa Gecko has been designed to place sensitivity, precision and grip at the forefront, giving you total confidence in your foot placement.

The combination of a precise last, the extended lacing, a protective rubber rand and the sole with little pronounced lugs and climbing zone for an excellent sensitivity and grip, make The Gecko the perfect connection between climbing and technical approach footwear.

Much like the Spin Infinity, the profile on the Gecko is surprisingly succinct. The new PRESA® sole has a medium density compressed EVA midsole with a solid and compact look that delivers on style and functionality, giving you a closer feel to the rock and ultimate touch control. The outsole is made of a compound able to combine an extraordinary grip and durability. The large climbing zone at the tip of the toe also offers excellent grip and accurate precision.

A personal favourite touch is the water repellent suede leather upper to ensure durability and comfort to keep your feet dry and secure in even the dampest of climbs. 

All in all, the Scarpa Gecko is a sensational choice for those looking to reach that next peak in both style, comfort and confidence! 

Want to try these shoes or learn more about our fitting service? Read our guide to footwear fits here! Or book a footwear fitting today in our Cambridge store!

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