Scarpa Spin 2.0 Trail Running Shoe Review

At Open Air, we believe in putting each item that we stock to the test. Each of our lines are handpicked by our expert team based on performance above all else. This month we gave our resident trail running enthusiast Hector a pair of Scarpa Spin Infinity trail running shoes to review for us. Fully unbiased and fully open.

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Here’s what he’s said!

“Over the past month I’ve put a pair of Scarpa Spin 2.0’s to the test on local trails in Cambridgeshire as well as abroad in Anatolia, Turkey…And all told I’ve been very impressed! 

Most importantly the shoes have fitted me well which has allowed me to enjoy many miles comfortably in them! The last (shape) of the Spin 2.0 was neither particularly wide, nor especially narrow, and the lacing allowed for plenty of adjustment of the volume of the shoe such that it fitted me just right!

The Spin 2.0 is a lighter weight trail running shoe, so they feel nimble and responsive on your feet, offering a far closer connection to the ground. The shoe feels all the more responsive thanks to Scarpa’s SockFit construction through the tongue which holds your foot well in place without feeling restrictive or overly bulky. I did find that the padding around the tongue and ankle held a smell a little more than the rest of the shoe in the hot climates. That being said, it was very hot, and after a day’s rest, they were right as rain again so nothing out of the ordinary!

When I first heard the Spin 2.0 was lighter shoe, I was a little hesitant, but despite the lighter weight I’ve been blown away by with their overall build quality! The Spin 2.0’s have a real solid feel to them – just picking them up it is obvious they are built to last but in a lightweight package.

The technologies Scarpa have used to produce such a durable but also lighter weight shoe in the Spin 2.0 is really to their credit! They have worn well and are still going strong despite extended brushes with spiky Turkish gorse and rough scree strewn mountains so I’ve definitely found the Spin 2.0 to be a durable shoe! 

The shoe offers plenty of cushioning underfoot so they are comfortable on longer trail runs and walks whilst still being nimble and light on your feet! The tread on the sole of the Spin 2.0 is more than up to the job on the trails I’ve used them on. I haven’t had the chance to try them on wet trails yet, but feel confident that they wouldn’t let me down on wetter terrain either!

The Spin 2.0 certainly isn’t a fell running shoe (fell running shoes tend to have even deeper lugs on the bottom) but thanks to their Vibram sole with new and improved “Megagrip” rubber they are more than grippy enough to run or walk with confidence on the trails. 

Overall I’ve been very impressed with my pair of Spin 2.0’s, and what’s more, given how little they’ve aged over a month’s hard use I suspect I will continue to enjoy wearing my pair for a long time to come!”

So there we have it, Hector’s incredible guide to the Spin Infinity 2.0 by Scarpa! Want to learn more? Contact our footwear experts today!

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