New In From SCARPA: The Mojito Bio

If there’s one thing we absolutely love it’s brands who continue to innovate and defy what it means to create quality gear that both works and is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the modern adventurer or comfort seeker!

One brand who continue to innovate in this way is SCARPA and following our Brand Focus on their rich history and heritage, we wanted to do another focus piece on their latest release, the Mojito Bio, the first 100% biodegradable piece of high quality footwear in the SCARPA range.

First thing’s first though…Don’t worry, they won’t biodegrade on your feet!

The materials that compose the new Mojito Bio have been modified to make them more easily decomposable by bacteria and other natural microorganisms, meaning that essentially they’ll only begin to biodegrade if they’re buried or left to rot. In fact, Intertek’s Green Leaf certification declares that, after 45 days under the controlled conditions of the ASTM D5511 standard, the percentage of biodegradation of the sole, tread and upper materials is already between 6% and 8%.

The Materials: 

Being biodegradable, as you can imagine the Mojito Bio uses some pretty specialist materials! In fact, this is one of the first shoes to feature a Vegetable-based EVA midsole, obtained from sugar cane. Known as ‘Presa® Sole’ by SCARPA The outsole is made of biodegradable natural rubber which ensures excellent grip and durability comparable to synthetic rubber.

Secondly, you may be asking yourself ‘wouldn’t the plastics not biodegrade? Well don’t you panic! Because this shoe is made from PET yarn woven with knit technology, this ensures that, at the end of the decomposition process, no traces of plastic remain in the environment…Even the packaging these shoes arrive in is made with FSC certified papers!

Who Is This Shoe For?

You may be thinking, who is this shoe actually designed for? Or where will you see the best use of it? In our opinion, the SCARPA Mojito Bio is a stylish, comfy and fully supported piece of footwear that is an essential for city exploring and day to day activity!

In terms of who it’s for, this is a shoe with the planet in mind. If you’re sick of fast fashion and kit that doesn’t stand the test of time, or will likely end up in landfill, you can rest easy knowing that your Mojito Bios will NOT be adding to that problem and if anything, will be giving something back to the earth!

Available in both Military Green and Night Blue and from sizes 38-48, Want to learn more about this incredible piece of kit? Speak to our experts via livechat today!

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