Rab Meridian GORE-TEX Jacket Review

A fresh release from our friends over at Rab, today we’ll be looking into the Rab Meridian jacket in a little more detail. This incredible jacket is built to be the perfect lightweight, weatherproof companion for those spring/summer downpours that seem to catch you off guard out of no where.

Without further delay, let’s take a look into this wonderful jacket!

View the Rab Meridian jacket here.

About The Jacket

First thing’s first, we LOVE this jacket and know you will too. It’s versatile, stylish and made from some of the best materials on the planet, giving you full protection from the elements whilst still being super breathable and lightweight.

Weighing just a mere 340 grams, this jacket packs into itself and comes with a stuff sack included so it can be easily carried or stored away when not in use. This does make it one of the lightest outer layers on the market and whilst wearing does feel super lightweight without weighing you down during high activity. Because of this, we know the meridian is going to be super popular with hikers, walkers and even just as a jacket for heading into town.


Perhaps the most praised (and rightly so) feature on this jacket however is the materials it’s made from. Being a fully waterproof shell made from recycled 40D GORE-TEX®, you know you’re in safe hands!

For those who don’t know, GORE-TEX is hands down one of the sturdiest, most versatile materials on the planet, being super lightweight, weather resistant whilst still allowing air to escape from the jacket to stop you overheating during high output activity. If you’d like to learn more about GORE-TEX, we’ve even written a handy guide to follow!

Features We Love

There are a tonne of innovative and user friendly features packed into this jacket so we thought we’d quickly outline some of our absolute favourites we came across whilst testing this jacket.

The Hood

The first feature that we absolutely can’t get enough of on this jacket it’s more than generous hood! Every keen walker knows that getting stuck with a hood that’s too small (or too big) is a real kicker when the rain starts coming and you’re either packed in too tightly or moisture is finding it’s way through the gaps. Thanks to the semi-elasticated lining, this hood naturally adapts to the face whilst also having a pulley to tighten to the correct depth. Also combined with a stiffened peak to prevent moisture hitting the face and a raised collar to keep the neck fully protected too, there’s no way moisture is getting in here!


Zips & Pockets

We’re suckers for a good zip and by gosh does this jacket deliver on zips and pockets! Not only is the front zip incredibly sturdy and also comes with a weather covering, but on the inside, this jacket is loaded with two incredibly generous hand pockets to keep essentials such as phones, wallets (or in our case, maps) safe and out from the elements. Likewise, the added benefit of easy access zips under the armpits allow for easy venting when you’re running to the top of that peak!


No jacket that doesn’t deliver on quality or comfort is worth it in our eyes, that couldn’t be further from the truth with the Meridian! Thanks to the new Paclite plus, the material feels great on the skin and feels far more durable than many other budget options.

In terms of comfort, we also love how this jacket doubles up as not only a great hiking, climbing or activity jacket, but also because of the fantastic colour schemes, it can easily also double up as a simple throw on jacket when heading into town or doing the school run!


All in all, we really can’t get enough of this jacket and know you won’t be able to too! If you’d like to learn more, you can check out our guide to other Rab products here, or contact our experts today!

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