Best Outdoor Activities to Enjoy This Autumn

Written By Meghan Taylor

Ok, sunlight might be a little scarce at the moment and the days are only due to get darker, but lovers of summer have no need to despair!

We believe that Autumn is one of the best seasons to explore and adventure and still has plenty to offer, especially if you’re hoping to spend time outdoors. In fact, this time of year offers unique benefits when it comes to certain outside activities.

Read on for our top tips on how you can make the most of your Autumn beyond the confines of your own home. You might even find yourself with a new favourite season!

Take a Hike!

Sure, we’re a little biased, but is there a more beautiful time of year to get outdoors?

Autumnal nature hikes are always a great way to quieten the mind and dust off the cobwebs, but the explosion of colour that autumn brings can make even the most average hike incredibly photogenic and picturesque.

You could head out on your usual hike and see how the change of season has transformed the scene, or you could try somewhere brand new for a bit of excitement. We recommend routes like Giant’s Causeway in Ireland, Tintagel in Cornwall, and Lizard Point near Helston – they’re especially beautiful at this time of year.

It might be time to swap that sun hat out for an insulated one but we have all the equipment needed to make the weather fade into the background.

Many people think that Autumn is a terrible time to walk, but we couldn’t disagree more! All you need is a little preparation, a sturdy waterproof jacket or insulated jacket and you’ll be good to go! 

Bird Watching / Photography

Similar to the likes of the hikes, for those looking for some quiet time, or to really revel in the beauty of the season, it’s the perfect time to pick up the binoculars or camera and see what you can discover.

Depending on where you live, you might have the chance to see some fantastic migrating birds, which can make for some truly sensational images!

Obviously with the weather being a little wetter and the ground being that little more slippy, it’s always a good idea to invest in some quality footwear that’s going to help keep your feet dry and sturdy, if you’re looking for some advice on footwear, our experts are here to help!

Bird watching and nature photography is one of the most rewarding hobbies out there in our opinion, so what are you waiting for? Load up your backpack and get out there!


You might assume that spring is the best season to get in the garden. Actually, according to Good Housekeeping, autumn is when you should be spending most time out there. If you take advantage of this period to prepare, then your garden can fulfil its full potential in the future.

The wet, warm soil of autumn is ideal for planting. You could plant some winter vegetables and dream of the soups and stews to come, or you could even plant an apple tree which will blossom in time for spring.


We’re all still keen to socialise safely, so why not take your lunch date outdoors? On dry days, you can get some fresh air while you eat and enjoy a picnic in the park. This is a great way to spend time with a group of friends without spending a fortune or cramming into someone’s living room.

You don’t need to stick with a boring sandwich when you dine al fresco. If you’re looking for some particularly unique ways to create your own meals outdoors, check out our outdoor kitchen articles here!  If using fire, please act responsibly, legally and follow our golden mantra…LEAVE NO TRACE.

Paddleboarding / Wild Swimming

Thrill-seekers and adventurers don’t need to hibernate over autumn. Wild swimming and paddle boarding offer an excellent option to get your adrenaline going even if the sun is no longer shining.

Going anywhere near water during a British autumn might sound a little far-fetched at first, but you should give it a second thought. The professionals at TJ Board Hire have shared that this time is “a great time to get on the sea and enjoy the swell along the coasts that often results in great waves.” Remember to pick up dry bags so you are ready to go on any adventure.

For more tips on wild swimming, check out our friend Beth’s instagram!

Trail Running

It’s technically “fall,” but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to let your exercise regime fall off. Autumn can be a very pleasant time to start the latest fitness trend going – Trail running. 

Not sure what trail running is?  We’ve written a guide for it!

Runners First reminds us of the advantages of this season: routes are less crowded, there are fewer distracting social events than summer, and you can enjoy a hot shower and a hot drink even more afterwards. We’re not so sure about the suggestion that we listen to Christmas music during, though – it’s still a bit early for that…

Looking to learn more about trail running equipment and shoes? Check out our review of the new SCARPA Spin Infinity trail running shoes.


To round off our list, we thought we’d throw in another one of our biased opinions, but one that so many people overlook!

Summer is when everyone gives camping a go, but Autumn is for those that are a little more committed to this wonderful pastime! If you’ve been annoyed by bustling campsites over summer, you’ll welcome the peace and quiet that these colder months can bring.

Camping experts confirm it: “Camping during the autumn months is no different to any other time of year if you’re prepared.” You might have to invest in some extra equipment or a slightly more insulated sleeping bag to ensure you’re comfortable, but the beauty of nature during these months is surely worth the cost! Find a balance between outdoor fun and indoor plans involving blankets and hot beverages. There’s simply no need to settle for the sofa as soon as summer comes to a close. We’re firm believers that there’s no such thing as bad weather, only lack of preparation!

So there you have it! Autumn can be enjoyed outdoors, we promise! If you look on the bright side of the darker months, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to breathe in the crisp air of the season, staying active and rejuvenated. Want more advice for your next autumnal adventure? Contact our experts or visit our fitting showroom today!

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