Meet the Open Airists: Marta

Third time lucky! Meet our next staff member; mountaineer Marta.

Some winter training with my University Mountaineering club
Image: Marta Miracle

Hi, I’m Marta – I’ve been working at Open Air since August 2019. I’m usually found up on the shop floor helping out customers, downstairs putting together parcels for our online store or sprinting along Green Street to grab items for one of the stores. I’m a keen climber and walker; I’ve mostly spent time exploring here in the UK or in the US. My specialisms generally lie in mountaineering apparel and equipment – I particularly like to get into the intricacies of climbing shoes.

Scotland in Summer and Winter of 2018
Image: Marta Miracle

While in isolation at the moment, I’ve mostly been taking cycle rides, slacklining in the garden or practicing yoga indoors. Hopefully by the end of this I’ll be ready for anything – and capable of a handstand!

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