Meet the Open Airists: Kaisa

This week’s Open Airist is scuba diver and general outdoor enthusiast Kaisa.

Diving outside Dhigurah, Maldives
Image: Kaisa

Hi I am Kaisa, I come from Sweden and I am a PE and English teacher as well as working part time in Open air. My outdoor adventures have been many many all over the world over the years. I really like snorkelling, scuba diving, and horse riding. I’ve also done a bit of hiking, trekking and skiing. Last time I hiked was in Ambleside in the Lake District. It was great! I did 5 day trips in beautiful hills; vast stunning views, trees in the whole range of orange, yellow and green palette, lakes, waterfalls, and just enjoyed the lovely UK autumn.

Views from the Lake District and The Maldives
Image: Kaisa

I also loved scuba diving in The Maldives around Dhigurah island in December to January one year. Amongst absolutely stunning turquoise crystal clear water, there were all sorts of beautiful fish and coral in every colour, I saw Devil fish (a kind of Manta ray), a Reef shark, and my kids saw a whale shark. We also swam among sea turtles and saw dolphins a few times.

Image: Kaisa

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