Meet the Open Airist: Joe

Introducing retired climber/mountaineer and dog lover Joe.

Switzerland (2019)

Hi, I’m Joe and I’ve been working at Open Air for the last 8 years. I have the privilege of being Open Air’s manager and my time is spread between working upstairs with the shop floor team and downstairs with the buying, E-commerce, and customer service teams. 

I come from an outdoorsy family and have grown up walking, camping, climbing and skiing. Until my early teens all of my outdoor adventures were in the UK, but as I got older I started to venture further afield and have had the good fortune to live, work and play in some very cool countries. I love hearing about other people’s plans and trips and still get a real buzz out of helping people prepare for their adventures. Although I am no longer an active climber or mountaineer, I still manage to regularly get up into the hills or to the coast where I love spending time with my dogs and young family in the great outdoors.

I’m currently preparing the stores for re-opening and really looking forward to welcoming you back in store.

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