Meet the Open Airists: Robin

Let’s get on with it! This week we introduce snowboarder and hill walker Robin.

Image: Robin Doe

Hi, My name is Robin. I’ve been working at Open Air for one year now and have worked in outdoor retail for four years previously. You’ll likely find me working with the team on the shop floor where I enjoy getting into the nitty gritty of product details; especially technical clothing. In the outdoors I especially enjoy putting myself outside my comfort zone; be it reaching new speeds on my snowboard or jumping into a cold lake for a swim mid way through a hike. During social isolation I’ve been weight training in my makeshift garage gym, going out for short walks with my dog and planning my next camping trip with friends. I’m also slowly but surely expanding my kit to do multi-day wild camping in the future!

On the hills or slopes!
Images: Robin Doe

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