How To Escape The Crowds This Summer

Written By: Meghan Taylor

With lockdown restrictions in England finally coming to a foreseeable end, it may just be time to get out and about and enjoy the summer! After a whole year of social distancing, many people may rush to popular venues and hot spots that have been restricted up until now.

Whilst it is exciting to be able to flock to the nation’s favourite locations once again, for those who are looking for more of a quiet getaway, or who perhaps aren’t quite comfortable with the crowds just yet, we have a few suggestions to stay clear of the crowds this summer, reconnect with nature and enjoy a quiet break.

Luckily, the outdoors is full of possibility and exploration so we thought we’d share some of our favourite ideas to help you experience summer with plenty of personal space! This article will guide you through the best ways to escape crowds this summer, whilst remaining responsible for the environment around you. 

Try Camping

The UK really is a treasure trove of possibility and each year, over 50 million holiday trips are taken here in the UK. With the uncertainty surrounding travel still somewhat looming, many more are looking to spend their summers on staycations and on their own doorstep. With so many of us staying in the country this year, holiday camps and hotels are already seeing large levels of bookings this year!

To avoid the busyness of popular holiday sites and tourist attractions, why not spend a little time immersing yourself in the outdoors and heading camping.

A high quality tent is highly durable, portable, versatile to your environment and if looked after, will last a lifetime. Camping provides an enormous level of fun for families, couples or even groups of friends. The best part? You can take your tent to any location in the UK, which means that you could settle in even the most remote part of the country, which is definitely a good way to avoid the crowds! To learn more about ‘wild camping’ rules in the UK, check out our friends at Nearly Wild Camping.

There are a million different ways to camp, and thousands of locations across the UK, each with their own unique quirks and traits. To learn more about getting started planning your first camping trip, read our beginners essential guide here!

Take A Hike!

It’s no secret that we love a good hike! This summer, why not try ditching shopping centres and restaurants for a hike in the wide-open countryside or local beauty point. If you have been feeling crammed-in during lockdown, embarking on a long hike in the fresh air could do you a world of good and expose you to a world of incredible views and locations just outside your doorstep!

With a quality pair of walking boots, hiking is an excellent activity for anyone to enjoy and is certainly a great option for those who want to avoid the crowds. If you want to feel truly alone, you should take a trip to The Lake District in Cumbria. According to, Cumbria is home to six times more sheep than people! The Lake District offers stunning views, fresh air and blissful silence.

Want to give hiking a try? Read our guides to preparing for your first hike and also understanding the etiquette of hiking here. If you are also in need of a great day hiking backpack, we’ve got a guide for that too!

Take Things To New Heights

For all of the adrenaline junkies out there, what better way to escape large crowds than to climb to new heights that no one could reach? If you have an adventurous side and want to challenge yourself this summer, you could try your hand at rock climbing.

There are a number of fantastic rock climbing locations across the UK and compared to the likes of beaches or town locations, the footfall is significantly lower. Climbing has a notoriously welcoming community and so you’ll be welcomed in with open arms!

If this is your first time climbing, read our beginners guide to rock climbing here, or explore why we believe rock climbing is a fantastic family sport here!

Not sure on the best climbing spots near you are? Check out for a database of fantastic climbing spots across the UK. A word of warning here though, obviously it’s not safe to climb routes out of your ability without professional training or guidance, so we’d highly recommend speaking to a climbing expert and doing a dedicated climbing course who will be able to show you the ropes (pun intended!) and direct you to the most scenic climbing routes near you.

Try Your Hand At Bushcraft

If you really want to delve into your wild side this summer, put down your mobile and have a go at bushcraft! Bushcraft is the art of using natural skills to survive and thrive in nature. This activity will certainly challenge you and will also teach you a whole range of new skills that may come in useful one day!

There’s one golden rule to bushcraft (and actually any of the activities that we’ve mentioned thus far)…LEAVE NO TRACE.

Bushcraft, camping, climbing and hiking all impact the environment in one way or another, even if you think they don’t. As responsible outdoors people, it’s important to respect your surroundings and minimise this impact however we can.

Whilst creating things such as dens with the family from fallen or dead trees is a great activity and can bring a lot of enjoyment, it’s important to respect the forests we use and ensure we are not disturbing any natural wildlife habitats whilst doing so. The biggest no no however, is firebuilding. Countless wildfires have been caused by careless fire building and even the smallest spark can trigger a catastrophe.

A better approach here would be tackling something like an outdoor camp kitchen. Use a sustainable and secure firelighter in a non flammable environment and get creative! Explore our camp kitchen series here!

Keep things sustainable

Escaping the crowds and immersing yourself in nature is a brilliant way to enjoy your summer. If you are planning a trip into nature, always do your best to play a role in keeping our natural habitats safe. Consider the sustainability of any equipment that you purchase for your adventure and use sustainable methods of travel where you can…and once again, follow that golden mantra…LEAVE NO TRACE!

One activity that we’re absolutely loving at the moment is plogging, the new running craze that is also saving the planet! Why not bring along a bin bag and some gloves as you’re out exploring and pick up some litter along the way, it helps not only the environment but also will help the next person enjoy the view that little bit more!

For more expert advice on all of our outdoor equipment, contact our experts today! All of our equipment is hand selected by our teams and is built to last, which means that it can see you through a whole lifetime of adventures. By shopping high-quality over quantity, you can help to reduce the effects of over consumption and maintain those natural environments that we all love so that you can enjoy them for years to come! 

Happy exploring!

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