Fun, Family Friendly Activities To Inspire Your Child To Adventure

Written By: Meghan Taylor

With the temptation of video games and smart devices in every home across the UK, it can sometimes be tricky to encourage your children to get outside and experience the joys of the great outdoors!

Outdoor play has a number of benefits for children and their development including learning about the world, social interaction, improved physical health and learning the consequences of appropriate risks. In fact, it is widely believed that playing outside is crucial to healthy child development. With this being said, encouraging your children to leave their screens and play outside is something that every parent should prioritise this summer. 

Encouraging children who have grown up with the convenience of instant fun that is provided by computer games and smart technology is easier said than done. A simple walk in the local countryside simply isn’t exciting enough for many modern-day children. If this is the case in your household, you could try to add excitement to the great outdoors by introducing your children to some fun outdoor activities. To help, this article will guide you through the best activities to inspire your child to adventure outdoors.

Hiking / Mountain Climbing

One of the best things about living in the UK is that we have a great selection of stunning countryside, valleys, forests and mountains to explore. Hiking and mountain climbing is a great way to see the beauty of the UK whilst keeping fit and building endurance, such as the challenging hikes of Pitlochry.

There are endless hiking trails and mountain routes dotted around the UK, and could find yourself wandering through hills and valleys in The Lake District  or exploring blissful views in the Cotswolds. In fact, here’s a great article from Visit Wales on some of the best mountain climbing routes suitable for children! 

Kayaking / Canoeing

There is a reason that water sports are incredibly popular with children and adults alike!

Embarking on a water adventure is a great way to introduce your children to risks whilst spending time in nature and testing your skills. Kayaking will take you and your children along glorious English rivers and seas whilst navigating your way through currents and working as a team to move your craft in the right direction. If you want to grow your child’s independence, kayaking can also be done solo too!

Many people often overlook the easiest ways to keep your kit dry if you’re out walking on a rainy day or when out on the water, read our easy to follow guide to keeping your kit dry here!


If you really want to build your child’s confidence and introduce them to an activity that will bring them a sense of achievement, climbing may be the best option for you.

Not only are most children innately amazing at climbing because of their lack of fear and weight to muscle ratio, it’s an incredibly family friendly sport!

There are various types of climbing available, from beginners climbing walls to free climbing up cliff edges! As your child progresses through each level of difficulty, they are bound to feel a huge sense of pride and confidence in their ability. Climbing is also a great way to boost physical fitness and teach your children about risks. 

For the best climbing experience, always ensure that you are using the right equipment. While risk taking may be fun, it is also important that you prioritise safety and provide your child with the tools and clothing that they need to have a successful climb. 


DofE (or The Duke Of Edinburgh Awards) is an award that is given to children and teens who complete a series of outdoor activities and tasks as well as inspiring being an active part of their local community.

The scheme is offered to young adults in most schools across the country and it is definitely an experience that your children will not forget. Even a lot of our team think back to their time at school and often say that their passion for the outdoors was definitely emphasised massively by their DofE experience.

DofE will have your children embarking on 4 weeks of adventure and fun-packed activities. The challenges are designed to strengthen physical abilities, technical abilities, willpower and community spirit and can be anything from hiking to raising money for charity.

As DofE is done in groups and is an excellent way for your child to make new friends and build their social skills. If your child does choose to participate in DofE, you should check out our range of hiking packs and bags! Not quite sure what you’re looking for or what to bring on DofE? Our experts have years of experience and would love to help!

Den Building

The joys of den building will never get old! While it’s easy to believe that this childhood activity may have lost its popularity in recent years, you will be surprised at how much fun a simple sheet, some dead branches or rope and a good tree can provide your kids. Den building is an activity that every child loves to do and is a fantastic way to improve their problem solving skills and allow them to experience the great outdoors. The best part about den building is that it can be done completely for free! If you find your children stuck inside with nothing to do, why not jump in the car and drive down to your local greenspace for an afternoon of outdoor adventure?

The most important thing to note here however (and for any of these activities actually), is that old famous mantra – LEAVE NO TRACE! A lot of children or teenagers get a bad reputation for causing damage to the environment, littering, illegal fire lighting or leaving other impacts on the environment. We believe that with a little education, and raising an innate respect for nature from early ages, the outdoors can and should be enjoyed by absolutely everyone!

We hope this has offered some nice insight into the wonderful world of exploring the great outdoors and how you can help get your children involved! Need more advice? Check out our blog here for more insight and advice on making the most of your outdoor experience!

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