Gear Talk: Fjallraven High Coast Hydratic Review

Today we’re casting our eye to one of the real big winners for the Spring/Summer 2021 season, the High Coast Hydratic by Fjällräven is the latest from the Swedish giants that is an absolute essential for anyone in the market for a new lightweight jacket that can handle almost anything nature throws at you.

We’ll be looking at some of our favourite features, as well as giving a little more insight into just what makes this jacket so beautifully versatile.

The perfect lightweight jacket

Bad Weather At Its Absolute Best

The message behind the Hydratic is to embrace everything that nature throws at you. We all know that Spring (and in the case of the UK, summer…) is pretty unpredictable, one minute sun, the next it’s snow, sleet and everything in between.

That’s why Fjällräven have made this jacket with exactly this purpose in mind – to be lightweight, easily packable, breathable, water resistant and most importantly, versatile.

In our personal opinion, they’ve succeeded on all fronts. Weighing just 317g, the High Coast Hydratic barely adds anything to your load even when it’s being carried. The jacket is fully packable so can be folded up easily inside of the hood and thrown in your pack for when the sun comes back out.

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The Layering:

The High Coast Hydratic boasts a 2.5 layer shell that is made of recycled polyamide with PFC-free impregnation. The outer layer is comprised of a hydratic ripstop outer fabric, meaning that even if you were to tear the material (and that takes some doing!), it can be easily and efficiently repaired. The hydratic membrane keeps water repelling from the fabric and prevents it seeping in.

Perhaps what is most interesting about this jacket though is the inner half layer printed on the inside. This layer is designed to be light enough not to add weight to the jacket, whilst still wicking moisture away from the body, whilst still protecting from wind and rain. This gives the jacket a fully breathable effect.

Getting too hot whilst hiking up that hill but still need to keep dry? No worries! There’s nothing worse than having to keep that heat inside, which is why the High Coast was fitted with ventilation zippers either side to allow easy escape of perspiration and to allow air to reach the body when needed.

As a few added bonuses, the jacket comes equipped with fully adjustable cuffs to keep the jacket insulated and reflective detailing across the cuffs and hood for when walking at night might be required and you need to be seen. The hood is also fully adjustable so suited well for both tight and loose fits or those who are perhaps wearing a lightweight helmet whilst cycling.

Our conclusion: 

All in all, the High Coast Hydratic has it all. It’s one of the best simple and practical jackets we’ve come across that is absolutely ideal for everyday use and hiking. Thanks to it’s incredibly lightweight makeup and easy packability, no matter where you go, whether it’s dropping the kids at school, taking the dog for a walk, or a full trek up a local hill, you can rest easy knowing the High Coast Hydratic will have you covered!

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