Why Rock Climbing Is A Fantastic Family Sport

Over the past few years, rock climbing has become a real booming sport, with feature hits like Free Solo, or Spot Climbing becoming an official Olympic event for the first time at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics, climbing truly has swept the nation by storm.

As well as being a fantastic way to stay fit, climbing is also proving to become a fantastic family sport, with more and more families overcoming fears, reaching new heights (literally) and bonding over a fantastic activity that can be enjoyed almost anywhere in the UK.

As we’ve spoken about before, there are a number of types of rock climbing, so almost anywhere where you live, we’re sure you’ll either have a climbing centre or natural rock wall within 20-30 miles of you. 

Why Is Rock Climbing Great For Families?

A lot of people often think you need to be ultra-fit to enjoy rock climbing when in reality, you don’t. All you need is a basic level of fitness and some great willpower! For someone who says phrases like ‘Oooh rock climbing? I can’t do that’, a great response is ‘Can you climb a ladder?’ (many basic rock routes are very similar to walking up a ladder!), of course for those who do have various health conditions or concerns, there is a degree of safety to be had here, however for most adults, rock climbing is incredibly accessible and you can take it as far as you like.

Even if you are unable to climb yourself, simply watching young ones and other loved ones reach the top of a wall is sometimes satisfaction enough in itself!

It’s Great For Children (and they love it!)

It’s no secret that climbing and kids go hand in hand. Much like climbing trees, most children love a sense of adrenaline and climbing up high.

In fact, because of their weight to muscle ratio (and lack of fear of falling!) most children are inherently incredible natural climbers! Too often have we been at climbing walls and seen full grown adults struggle at a problem, only to see a 7-10 year old run up the same wall without a care in the world.

Climbing can be a real confidence booster for children and give them, their friends (and you) a great hobby to get into from a young age! As you can imagine with any adventurous activity, immense safety measures have been taken to make sure both indoor and outdoor climbing walls are the safest they possibly can be.

2) It’s Encourages Problem Solving Skills

There’s often a misconception that climbing is just a work out for the body. Whilst that is  definitely still true, it’s actually just as much a workout for the brain!

‘Problems’ as they’re known in the climbing community are essentially puzzles that you and your party have to figure out to get to the top, perhaps someone else in the family sees something you don’t or can figure out a new way to solve the problem, working these problems out together is not only fun, but can lead to some really interesting climbs that you weren’t expecting.

3) It Promotes Teamwork And Trust Building

Much like solving the problem, climbing, especially with ropes often requires at least two people, one to climb, the other to bilay the rope and hold them up in case they fall. Not only does this kind of interaction encourage teamwork to solve the puzzle, but it also helps build trust and confidence between each other. 

Likewise, even for those who don’t like heights, overcoming the fear thanks to encouragement and support of friends or family is an incredibly rewarding feeling! 

4) It Encourages Family Time!

Chances are that you and your younger ones will love rock climbing and it will either lead to one of two questions:

a) When can we go back?!
b) What can we try next?!

Both are fantastic outcomes and can really help young people fall in love with the outdoors, adventuring and exploring their surroundings as a family. For us, climbing is about more than just a few rocks and some rope. It’s about making memories and spending time with loved ones!

Never tried climbing before? Perhaps this is your year! Want to learn more about getting started in climbing? Read our beginner’s guide here!

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