Gear Talk: The New deuter AC Lite & Futura

In today’s Gear Talk, we’re focusing on the new range from deuter, the new Futura and the AC Lite. Both of these packs are fresh in for 2021 and offer the first in the range of deuter’s all new logo and branding.

Those looking for a non-complicated pack with countless potential rejoice, because one you feel the quality of a deuter, you’ll never need to head anywhere else!

The first thing to note about both of these packs is that they were build to last. You can learn more about this in our everything we love about deuter brand focus, but all deuter packs are built on the sustainable approach of: Buy well, buy once. A well kept deuter pack easily has the potential to last a lifetime and both of these packs are no exception.

So without further ado, let’s dive into them!

The Futura

First up we’re looking at the deuter Futura Pro and Futura standard.

There’s a few things to note about this pack. Firstly, it comes in a whole host of sizes, everything from

21, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 29, 30 and 32 Litre packs in the standard version and then 34, 36 and 40 in the pro version.

There are a few minor differences between the different versions. As well as supplying a ‘standard’ style, in order to make their packs suit a whole host of body shapes and sizes, deuter have been particularly inventive and introduced their SL range designed primarily for women. As standard, all deuter SL packs come with a shorter back, narrower shoulder straps and conical shaped hip fins for added support and creates a solid, secure fit around the back and hips. Likewise, for the taller folk amongst us, deuter have also been busy creating the EL range of the futura, designed particularly for taller people over 185cm who generally have a harder time with standard sized packs, these packs are slightly longer and provide added comfort for those who generally find that packs don’t sit correctly on the hips.

Generally speaking, as with most packs, the use of a Futura changes with your intent, for a single day trek where you just want something you’ll be able to sling on to carry a few bits of kit, the Futura 26 could be the perfect choice for you.

Lightweight and technical, this is a backpack that is perfect for more athletic day hikes: The Aircomfort back system is extremely comfortable and the new-style mesh creates maximum airflow across the back, resulting in around 25% less perspiration and consequently, increased performance and more comfort. Another feature we LOVE is the stretch mesh front pocket that is absolutely great for airing wet clothes on the move (after an unintentional quick dip in a mountain stream, for example).

As we move up the range and sizes and into the realm of the Futura Pros,  these packs are primarily developed for multi-day tours where comfort must not be lacking and the most important thing is reliable gear! 

The Futura pros all feature the ergonomic Aircomfort Sensic Pro mesh back system. This providing maximum back ventilation due to the innovative mesh. Likewise, the comfort is brought front and centre thanks to contoured, softly padded ActiveFit shoulder straps covered with breathable Wide Air-Mesh that automatically adjust to the ergonomics of the user and stabiliser straps allow exact positioning of the rucksack…pretty neat right?!

The Futura pro also introduces the moveable VariFlex ECL hip fins with ergonomic padded inserts custom fit the hips to allow energy efficiency and comfortable carrying of medium loads. Thanks to the clear division of the compartments, items can be stored easily and effectively in the lid compartment, in side bellows pockets, in the separate floor compartment and in the spacious main compartment.

All Futura packs also feature a detachable rain cover, ice axe and trekking pole attachments. When we were testing these packs, we seriously couldn’t believe the comfort when carrying a heavier load, no strain on the shoulders and immense comfort across the back, this is definitely a pack to content with!

Deuter AC Lite

Next, we’re focusing on the AC Lite, which couldn’t really farther apart from the Futura in terms of it’s uses…This is a pack for the day to day, something you can sling over your shoulder quickly and easily whilst still not compromising on quality or style. Available in 15, 17, 23, 25 litre sizes, as the name implies, these packs are super lightweight and make  ideal companion for day hikes.

Again deuter have thought about both women and those who are taller with these packs and also provide SL versions in the 15 and 21 litre and EL in the 25 litre. The deuter lite range has always been a populate choice due to their comfort and durability, but thanks to their new and improved Aircomfort carry system, is now even lighter whilst maintaining highly effective ventilation.

Perhaps the most unique part of the AC lite however is it’s zip positioning. Where many packs opt for an over the top zip, deuter have opted for a long zip opening at the front of the pack in order to provide excellent contents oversight. Again, when testing these packs, we were super impressed with this as it made easy access to things like water bottles, and jackets quick and easy without the need to take everything out.

The AC lite is the perfect pack for high output treks, your smartphone or snacks are easy to access in the stretch side pocket and a helmet holder can even be added using dedicated docking loops on the front for times when you’re perhaps scrambling or need some quick climbing kit. Other features include a detachable rain cover, trekking pole attachment and sunglasses holder for those more leisurely walks.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this review of the new deuter range we’ve got coming in at Open Air! To view our full new in range, click here, or for further information from our expert team, get in touch today!

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