Staff Book & Film Picks: Tom

This week, our series continues with Open Airist’s high-flying adventurer Tom, telling us about his favourite outdoor-related books and TV series: Wind, Sand and Starsby Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Why I Like It: The book was first published in French in 1939, and tells the story of the career of Saint-Exupéry as an airmail pilot, who founded the Casablanca-Dakar route across the unconquered Sahara Desert. This was a time when parts of the world had yet to be mapped, aviation was in its infancy, engines were unreliable and navigation from the... Read More


Solo Cycling for the Socially Distant

By Marta. Getting a little stir-crazy indoors? Same here! If you really need to spend a bit of time outside for your daily dose of activity, why not a cycle ride? Check that your bike is working smoothly before you set off. Pack your backpack with an extra layer, a waterproof, a basic toolkit, your water bottle and a snack. You’re almost ready; we’ve just got a couple more suggestions for how to keep yourself and others safe. Plan your journey with the following in mind: Know your limits! Don’t... Read More


A Lighter Side to this Black Friday 2019

One will not have failed to notice that retail businesses have been going through somewhat of a tough time of late. In what has been described as a perfect storm for the High Street, tough times are afoot and with Black Friday this weekend, things are only predicted to get worse for businesses already struggling to cope with the pace of change. This year, we hope to do something a little different for Black Friday weekend. Along with long-established independent retailer, Millers Music on Sussex Street, we will be donating... Read More