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Scarpa Spin 2.0 Trail Running Shoe Review

At Open Air, we believe in putting each item that we stock to the test. Each of our lines are handpicked by our expert team based on performance above all else. This month we gave our resident trail running enthusiast Hector a pair of Scarpa Spin Infinity trail running shoes to review for us. Fully unbiased and fully open. Want to learn more about the Spin Infinity? Read our guide here first! or to learn more about what Scarpa stand for, read our brand focus here! Here’s what he’s said!... Read More


Brand Spotlight: LOWA

At Open Air, we love nothing more than supporting brands who we believe truly deliver on their promises. Today we focus on LOWA, the footwear specialists who without fail, deliver sensational products that are built for nothing but purpose and precision! For almost 100 years, LOWA has been at the forefront of climbing, mountaineering, hiking and quality footwear. Utilising the finest materials and taking every detail in design and european manufacturing into account, they have managed to build themselves a reputation and being some of the worlds most comfortable and... Read More


Brand Spotlight: Sherpa

When it comes to high quality, highly durable adventure gear, one name that shines far above the rest is that of Sherpa. Founded in May 2003 and birthed from the highest, harshest peaks within the Himalayas, Sherpa acts as a brand who not only celebrates the beauty of the natural world, but the people within it. Who are Sherpa? Finding their namesake from the incredibly spiritual and respectful native people of the mountainous regions of Nepal, Tinri County and the Himalayas, The Sherpa people are master climbers of some of... Read More


New In From Scarpa: Spin Infinity & Gecko

It’s no secret that we absolutely love Scarpa! Absolutely everything that this incredible brand release hits the nail on the head every single time. Today we wanted to share with you not only the latest in their innovations of what makes great footwear, but also focus on two incredibly sport and adventure focused releases, the Spin Infinity, designed as the perfect accompaniment to any trail runner, and the Gecko, the perfect Climbing Approach shoe that brilliantly blends exploration with climbing, where sensitivity, precision and grip are the most important features. ... Read More


Why Hiking Sandals Are A Fantastic Investment!

One of the largest growing trends within the outdoor footwear industry is sandals. High quality, highly durable, highly versatile and most of all, highly comfortable sandals are a fantastic tool to have in your arsenal. Today, we wanted to share some of our favourite things about hiking sandals and why we believe they are a fantastic choice for any outdoor enthusiast or lover of warm weather! Why Hiking Sandals? Hiking sandals are interesting because when one is faced with a rocky terrain or perhaps a woods, the last thing that... Read More


The Best Backpacks For Day Hiking

When it comes to backpacks, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking they’re all the same, or an ‘any bag will do’ mentality. Whilst for some that may be a great option, for those looking for a durable, hardwearing and versatile backpack that can double up as both a fantastic pack for a day out but also be a durable pack for the daily commute, look no further! We’ve consulted our experts at our Cambridge fitting store and are thrilled to share with you some of our absolute... Read More


Gear Talk: The Helinox Chair One Review

A chair is a chair…Or is it?  You might be thinking the same, that’s why today we want to introduce one of our absolute favourites in the way of portable seating…From industry leading equipment manufactuer Helinox, meet the Helinox Chair One! This sensational piece of engineering and innovation is highly versatile and thanks to incredible design and ultimate portability, is full of personality and suitable for almost any outdoor venture! About Helinox Helinox is the world’s leader in the development and production of outdoor equipment. Helinox innovate, and the competition... Read More


How to Clean and Care for your Walking Boots

All great walking boots are build with durability and longevity in mind, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need a little top up and TLC every once in a while! In this guide, we’ll walk you through step by step how to clean and care for your walking shoes or boots in order to maximise their lifespan and keep you exploring for years to come! We’ll explore not only excellent cleaning technique, but will also provide some top tips to ensure dry feet and long-lasting use. Regular Cleaning Tips Walking... Read More


Gear Talk: Inside The Fjällräven Vardag Range

When it comes to style and functionality, few match that of Fjällräven’s attention to detail in both incredible quality and even more in the ways of creating garments that deliver on both performance whilst still looking great. Today we’re taking a look into the exciting new ‘Vardag’ range, the latest in everyday wear that you can be assured has immense durability and resilience whilst still being versatile enough to wear for a day on the town. Funnily enough, the word ‘Vardag’ does literally translate from Swedish into ‘Everyday’ and in... Read More


Top Tips To Stay Hydrated Whilst Hiking

When out and enjoying the warmer weather, one common issue that we often hear people struggling with is how to stay hydrated whilst out trekking or hiking. As you’re more exposed to the weather and will be moving more, you will likely be sweating and losing water from your body…and that lost moisture needs topping up! The last thing you’ll want happening whilst enjoying the great outdoors is to succumb to dehydration. If you are dehydrated, you’re more likely to suffer from issues such as heat stroke and even hypothermia,... Read More