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Introducing Open Air’s New Remote Services

Over the summer we’ve developed more online content, and introduced remote services, such as our remote footwear fitting service, to benefit those who can’t make it into our Cambridge store, or prefer not to, for whatever reason. Our customer services heroes are still here to answer your emails and live chats, and take your calls, but we’re getting ever busier with more in-depth enquiries, so we’ve introduced these services to give more time to respond to those. We aim to give you a taste of our in-store experience, and let... Read More


DIY Ultralight Hiking Stove

Text and images by Gus Whitby This week’s instalment of our Open Air Camp Kitchen series brings you something a little different! Why not enjoy a hot and tasty meal on your next adventure by making your very own ultralight hiking stove? Alcohol/methylated spirits stoves make for some of the lightest backpacking stoves and hold many advantages over other cooking systems. Whilst there are many different incarnations of the spirit stove, the design I’m going to share is a simple ‘open jet’ stove made from a single aluminium drinks can,... Read More


Open Air Camp Kitchen: Dried Meals and Camping Food

In our first few posts in the camp kitchen series, we gave an overview of camping stoves and types of fuel, and an in-depth look at gas stoves. In this post, we turn our attention to the exciting part: food! If you’re camping on a campsite, or able to restock with food each day, then you’ve got plenty of options for cooking. We’ll share some of our favourite camping recipes in some future blog posts which might inspire you for your next trip! If, however, you’re carrying everything in your... Read More


LEKI Micro Vario Carbon Review

Review by Angus Whitby. Many moons ago, a photography buddy of mine invited me on a winter walking adventure. Our intention was to lug his panoramic camera up into the hills and capture some of the stunning winter wilderness on medium format film. One evening whilst trawling over maps and organizing kit in preparation for the trip, my adventure buddy produced a fancy set of brand new trekking poles. Until that point, I hadn’t really considered them necessary for our trip having previously dismissed the use of trekking poles for... Read More


Open Air Camp Kitchen: Top Tips for Eating on the Trail

In the opening parts of our camp kitchen series, we looked at how to choose a camping stove and the different types of fuel. Next week, we’ll bring you an in-depth look at dried food for backpacking and camping – a great way to save weight, time, effort, and fuel when cooking in the hills. To whet your appetite, here are some of our top tips for eating on the trail – enjoy! Embrace treats You’ve earned them! Keep things relatively simple At the end of a long day walking... Read More


What’s in your First Aid Kit?

Text and images by Will Day The humble first aid kit – hopefully never required – but when it is, you’re glad you had it prepared and on hand at a moment’s notice. Pre-assembled kit or build your own? Know how to use it My First Aid Kit Important information Pre-assembled kit or build your own? When contemplating putting together a first aid kit, you can either buy a ready made kit or assemble one yourself. Buying a ready-made option is typically cheaper and offers comprehensive coverage for most outdoor-related... Read More


Open Air Camp Kitchen: Quick Guide To Camping Stoves & Fuel Options

Text by Jonathan; images by Angus Whitby Need help choosing a camping stove? Yesterday we brought you an in-depth look at gas stoves. Today, as part of our series on all things camp kitchen, we’ve put together a handy guide to the alternative camping stoves and fuels you could choose. Most stoves only work with a single type of fuel, and different fuels have different strengths and weaknesses, so you’ll first need to consider which type you want to use. If you want to be able to use your stove... Read More


Open Air Camp Kitchen: Guide To Canister Gas Stoves

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be bringing you a series of articles looking at cooking in the great outdoors. Hopefully, they will provide some useful advice and inspire you to start planning and preparing for your next trip, once it is safe to go camping again. In the meantime, please do stay home and stay safe! We begin our series with an in depth look at canister gas stoves. If you’re starting out backpacking and looking for a stove suitable for UK camping, a gas stove is our choice... Read More


Haglöfs Roc Spire Waterproof Jacket Review

Review and Images by Will Day. Here at Open Air, we’re fortunate to stock a range of waterproof jackets from some of the best manufacturers around. For Open Airist Will, the temptation of a new waterproof jacket purchase was high and after deliberating long and hard, Will settled on the Roc Spire from legendary Swedish outdoor brand, Haglöfs. Today, Will shares his thoughts on the Roc Spire after a month of ownership. Take it away, Will! Want a recap of how to select the right waterproof jacket? Read our article!... Read More


How to Wash and Reproof your Waterproof Jacket

Text and Images by Angus Whitby. Your waterproof jacket is a very important piece of equipment in ensuring your comfort and safety in the outdoors during inclement weather. It is likewise an expensive bit of equipment and as we enter the warmer months, there has never been a better time to clean and refresh your waterproof jacket to ensure long lasting service. In today’s blog post, the Open Air team will provide some background knowledge on why it’s important to look after your waterproof jacket as well as answer some... Read More