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Gear Talk: Rab Cirrus Flex, Kinetic Alpine & Downpour Eco Jacket Review.

When it comes to jackets, one brand who continuously excels to deliver incredibly versatile and fully comprehensive products is Rab. Following our review of Everything We Love About Rab, today we wanted to do a full focus on some of our favourite jackets. If you’re on the hunt for either your first quality outdoor jacket or are looking for your next jacket, this list will help point you in the right direction based on your next adventure! Today we’ll be focusing on 3 key lines, the Cirrus Flex 2.0, the... Read More


Everything We LOVE About Rab

If there’s one thing we love it’s putting the focus on a brand that inspires our customers and helps you think “Hey that looks awesome, I’d love to be able to do that!”. One brand who often goes over and above in this area is Rab. That’s why today wanted to focus on everything we absolutely love about Rab, highlighting some of the fantastic initiatives they run and how you buy with confidence knowing that their gear is going to help you achieve your next adventure goal! Let’s get exploring!... Read More


Everything We LOVE About Osprey!

We love celebrating brands who share our values of a commitment to excellence, high quality products and who help you get out there and fall in love with the outdoors. Today we’re focusing on one of our favourites and their incredible range of backpacks, Osprey! Founded in the golden state of California back in 1974 by Mike Pfotenhauer with a single sewing machine, Osprey have now become a renowned name across the globe for delivering incredibly high quality outdoor kit that are being used on the highest mountains to the... Read More


Outdoor Trousers: What are they and why do you need them?

Outdoor clothing comes in all shapes and sizes, from jackets, to boots, there can be an awful lot to consider, however perhaps one of the more easily overlooked items of clothing that many people often neglect when heading outside is their trousers! In the same way that there’s a jacket for every occasion, so too is there a pair of trousers designed for your every need! Today we’ll be breaking down the main types of trousers and giving you some great examples on how and when to use them. So... Read More


Sustainable Shopping: 5 Easy Tips To Make Your Outdoor Gear More Sustainable

The idea of ‘sustainability’ has become somewhat of an ambiguous term in recent years. With so much information and guidance out there on what we can all be doing to keep our impact on the planet more sustainable it has all become a bit of a minefield for the general outdoors person to know what to do… As outdoor clothing and footwear is really our area of expertise, we thought we’d help cut out all of the noise and give you 5 super simple, easily actionable tips that you can... Read More


Should you be using walking poles?

Chances are that if you’re reading this you’ve perhaps seen someone using a set of walking poles and thought, I wonder why they’re using those? Or perhaps thought you’d like to give them a try for yourself but weren’t sure where to start? Well let us and our friends at Leki help you out! What are the different types of walking poles? The first thing to note is that not all walking poles are made equal and much like walking boots, there are a variety of poles out there –... Read More


Why You NEED a good pair of socks!

Socks come in all shapes and sizes and are designed for a variety of uses. Despite being so important to foot care, they are often one of the most overlooked parts of the outdoor experience! A good pair of socks will easily be the difference between blisters, discomfort and cold feet! This guide will tell you all you need to know about socks and the best kinds of socks for walking and keeping your feet prepared for anything! Step 1:  The Material As with most things clothing related, the most... Read More


Staying Warm In Cold And Stormy Weather – Layering Guide

From snow and ice, to flash flooding, to lightning storms, severe weather is extremely unpredictable and can be incredibly dangerous and it goes without saying, but the weather should always be treated with respect and care. For dangerous weather conditions such as lightning or large hail storms, avoid going outside at all costs as you do put yourself at great risk of injury by either being struck or hit. However if you are venturing outside on a particularly wet and windy day, or perhaps just want to be prepared for... Read More


Brand Focus: Deuter

When it comes to reliable outdoor equipment, few can match the inventiveness and charisma of Deuter. Boasting some of the best packs and sleeping bags on the market, today we’re exploring what makes this incredible brand tick and highlighting some of our favourite initiatives they run that any outdoor lover can get on board with! Whether you’ve never heard of Deuter before or are already an avid fanatic, hopefully you’ll learn something fun and new about this awesome brand and how they can help you on your next adventure! About... Read More


What Is Merino Wool And Why Do We Love It?

Something that has become increasingly popular in the world of outdoor clothing is the use of ‘Merino wool’. However, wool outdoor clothing is not a completely new idea – in their attempt to climb Everest in 1924, George Mallory and Sandy Irvine wore multiple thin layers of wool and silk clothing, with research showing that this was more sophisticated, lighter and more comfortable than many more modern clothing systems. A lot of world leading brands have jumped on the hype of this incredible material, but what actually is it and... Read More