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DIY Upcycled Gas canister planter

Text and Images by Gus Whitby Whilst ultralight gas-based appliances offer lightweight and incredibly flexible cooking, the trade off is managing the plethora of quarter-full non-refillable cartridges at the conclusion of a trip. Whilst I’m very careful to ensure the proper disposal of spent canisters, I thought I’d spare this slightly larger example and upcycle it into something a little more useful; a distinctly ‘outdoorsy’ herb planter. Caution: When working with metal you can encounter many a hazardous edge from the item or the tools you work with. Please proceed... Read More


Being Outside- What’s the Hype?

Text and images by Will Day Here at Open Air we all consider ourselves to be ‘outdoorsy’ and this article will therefore likely be slightly biased. However, what is all the excitement about the great outdoors? Over the last few years, the outdoor lifestyle has become highly desirable, with influencers and celebrities alike venturing into far flung places, armed with nothing but a pair of denim shorts and a Nalgene. And maybe some overpriced sunglasses. And of course their phone. And a team of photographers. And then someone to carry... Read More


Ode To A Nalgene

By Marta Nalgenes are the bestAs this haiku demonstratesWhat colour is yours? When you Google “Nalgene bottle” the first prompt for further frequent questions is: “What is so special about Nalgene bottles?”  After all, Nalgene claims itself to be “The original water bottle” (discounting the extended use of glass bottles for the past couple of millenia of course). This question is clearly prompted by the outdoor community’s slightly overbearing reverence for the aforementioned plastic container- one that has been around for the better part of half a century. We as... Read More