Best Outdoor Activities to Enjoy This Autumn

Written By Meghan Taylor Ok, sunlight might be a little scarce at the moment and the days are only due to get darker, but lovers of summer have no need to despair! We believe that Autumn is one of the best seasons to explore and adventure and still has plenty to offer, especially if you’re hoping to spend time outdoors. In fact, this time of year offers unique benefits when it comes to certain outside activities. Read on for our top tips on how you can make the most of... Read More


Stories from the Open Airers: Summer 2021

This summer, we wanted to celebrate exploration once more! In what has been known as the year of Staycations, across our team, we’ve safely travelled the length and breadth of the country as restrictions open once more and we can begin exploring the beauty of the British countryside! If you’re either looking to start planing your next summer adventure, or are looking for some inspiration for your next roadtrip, these are some fantastic suggestions. Here’s what just a few members of the Open Air team have been up to! Hannah... Read More


Top Dog Friendly Walking Holidays In The UK

Looking to plan your next adventure around your four legged friend? No problem! At Open Air, we absolutely love our dogs and know that they’re a great motivator for helping you explore the great outdoors. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick list of some of our favourite locations for not only the most picturesque walks, but a small selection of some of the most famously dog-friendly towns and counties around the country. Snowdonia Not only iconic for its mountain range, but also the vast and varied landscapes that surround it,... Read More


Fun, Family Friendly Activities To Inspire Your Child To Adventure

Written By: Meghan Taylor With the temptation of video games and smart devices in every home across the UK, it can sometimes be tricky to encourage your children to get outside and experience the joys of the great outdoors! Outdoor play has a number of benefits for children and their development including learning about the world, social interaction, improved physical health and learning the consequences of appropriate risks. In fact, it is widely believed that playing outside is crucial to healthy child development. With this being said, encouraging your children... Read More


How To Escape The Crowds This Summer

Written By: Meghan Taylor With lockdown restrictions in England finally coming to a foreseeable end, it may just be time to get out and about and enjoy the summer! After a whole year of social distancing, many people may rush to popular venues and hot spots that have been restricted up until now. Whilst it is exciting to be able to flock to the nation’s favourite locations once again, for those who are looking for more of a quiet getaway, or who perhaps aren’t quite comfortable with the crowds just... Read More


The Beginners Guide To Trail Running

Picture this, you’re out walking through the woods or across a rocky outcrop and you suddenly see a small group of runners come by, traversing logs, rocks and anything the landscape throws at them. Surely they’re too far out to be doing a ‘standard’ run you might be thinking? Well chances are, unless they’re running from a rather angry bear or cow, they’re enjoying the wonders of trail running. Perhaps you’re already investigating getting started with trail running, or perhaps you’ve never even heard of the sport before. Either way,... Read More


A Guide To The Etiquette Of Hiking

Over the past few years (accelerated by the pandemic) more and more people are discovering a joy for hiking. We think that’s amazing! With more and more novice hikers taking to the hills and forests however, there too comes a worry of the environmental impacts on the landscape. Today we wanted to cover just a few of the lesser known, or even unspoken ‘rules’ of hiking. These simple etiquette techniques are designed to not only make your hiking experience more enjoyable, but also for those around you! So let’s jump... Read More


Why Rock Climbing Is A Fantastic Family Sport

Over the past few years, rock climbing has become a real booming sport, with feature hits like Free Solo, or Spot Climbing becoming an official Olympic event for the first time at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics, climbing truly has swept the nation by storm. As well as being a fantastic way to stay fit, climbing is also proving to become a fantastic family sport, with more and more families overcoming fears, reaching new heights (literally) and bonding over a fantastic activity that can be enjoyed almost anywhere in the UK.... Read More


Our Tips For Healthy Living

Amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life and all of the constant distractions and stresses that brings, it can often be difficult to stop to take a moment and let yourself relax. With more and more people suffering from mental health conditions, stress and anxiety, Today we wanted to outline just some of our favourite tips for healthy living and how you can use them to improve your own physical and mental well being! Get Outdoors / Exercise It’s no real surprise this is top of our list! But... Read More


5 Things To Do Before Your First Hike

You don’t have to be a wilderness explorer to undergo a fun and exciting hike! In a digital age, more and more of us are looking to use the outdoors as a stress reliever and to escape from our busy lives. One study has even shown that activities such as hiking can decrease your stress hormones by more than 15%! So to harness this incredible power for yourself, we thought we would break down 5 fantastic tips to consider BEFORE heading outside so whether you are trekking alone or with... Read More