Brand Spotlight: Sherpa

When it comes to high quality, highly durable adventure gear, one name that shines far above the rest is that of Sherpa. Founded in May 2003 and birthed from the highest, harshest peaks within the Himalayas, Sherpa acts as a brand who not only celebrates the beauty of the natural world, but the people within it.

Who are Sherpa?

Finding their namesake from the incredibly spiritual and respectful native people of the mountainous regions of Nepal, Tinri County and the Himalayas, The Sherpa people are master climbers of some of the most challenging peaks on earth.

Acting as support and guides throughout the year to tourists and explorers looking to reach the peaks of Everest, the Sherpa people know the mountains better than anyone else on the planet.

This is where Sherpa find their base, and are a brand who are not committed to imitating the Sherpan people, but a brand who are committed to a life of learning and adventure.

For this reason, Sherpa gear acts as adventure gear with a purpose and have an active mission in helping support the education, development and livelihoods of communities across Nepal. That is why with every item, you help fund a school day for a child in Nepal.

Image Source: Sherpa

What makes Sherpa Gear great?

From jackets, to sweaters to base layers, Sherpa gear is tried and tested in some of the harshest environments on the planet, in the blistering cold winds of the mountains and high altitude climbs, Sherpa gear is built only with intention and performance in mind.

Before unveiling to the world, each piece of Sherpa equipment is tested and approved by real Sherpas on the mountains. For hundreds of years, Sherpas have searched for the most beautiful ways to stay warm, dry and comfortable in the highest places on Earth. So naturally, Sherpa embrace the latest technical materials and designs, and test their gear in the Himalayas to ensure the quality stands some of the harshest conditions around. 

Sherpa Values

As well as making such high quality material garments, Sherpa are a brand who we closely affiliate with due to their phenomenal values in supporting Sherpa communities.

Many Sherpa climbers lose their lives during treks up the mountains each year (We would recommend the documentary, Sherpa) as it is one of the few ways that the Sherpan people are able to earn a living. As such, Sherpa are committed to supporting the development and sustainability of the Sherpan people, by bringing with them not only jobs, but enhancing their community infrastructure for the future.

Making products in Nepal means that Sherpa are able to employ real Sherpan people and bring income to their communities. As they grow, so will their employees. Many Sherpa products come directly from Kathmandu.

Sherpa claim that they are committed to constantly improving the environmental impact of sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, distribution and recycling efforts throughout all phases of their business.

Image Source: Sherpa

Sherpa Education Program

Literacy rates in Nepal are staggeringly low. We know when a child learns how to read and write, they are able to better control their future. Sherpa’s goal is to foster lifelong learning through independent reading, comprehension and writing skills.

Sherpa are also extremely committed to donations to support education and families. As mentioned, for every garment Sherpa Adventure Gear sells, a small donation is made to provide scholarships to children who grow up in remote Himalayan villages.

By providing funding, Sherpa are able to help support the training of teacher and staff members, offer education systems quality reading materials and continue to help build libraries and renovate classrooms across Nepal.

The reason this is so crucial to Sherpa is to help not only educate the population, but to reduce the impacts of child labour and child marriage, both crucial issues within the country. Over 40.4% of children in Nepal between the age of 5 and 17 are forced to work. When you wear Sherpa Adventure Gear, you’re helping to teach a child and create opportunity for a new generation.

Their goal is to help provide 10 million school days by 2030!

To learn more about the Sherpa Education Program, click here!

So there you have it, a full in depth guide on Sherpa as a brand, who they are, what they stand for and why we simply love working with them! Check out all of our Sherpa gear here, as well as countless other tips and tricks for your next adventure over on our blog

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