Brand Spotlight: LOWA

At Open Air, we love nothing more than supporting brands who we believe truly deliver on their promises. Today we focus on LOWA, the footwear specialists who without fail, deliver sensational products that are built for nothing but purpose and precision!

For almost 100 years, LOWA has been at the forefront of climbing, mountaineering, hiking and quality footwear. Utilising the finest materials and taking every detail in design and european manufacturing into account, they have managed to build themselves a reputation and being some of the worlds most comfortable and durable boots since 1923.

Today we’re going to be diving into this incredible brand, why we love them so much and what we think they can help bring to your next adventure! 

Photo: Joyce Bongers

Built For Every Eventuality

Perhaps one of the most unique approaches that we believe LOWA brings to the table is their approach to performance and protection. For them, a pair of walking boots are not only a guarantee of optimal comfort, but they are also a vital piece of safety equipment.

We couldn’t agree more! No one likes walking in boots that weren’t made for the job intended – In the same way you wouldn’t wear bowling shoes on a run, each LOWA boot and shoe is designed with purpose and protection of your foot in mind – For safety, comfort and convenience. 

This being said, anyone who is travelling around the world is continuously confronted with constantly changing conditions and demands. Trekking and outdoor footwear is therefore more than just a nice companion, but something that must adapt to your needs. That is why LOWA also makes their models design to be versatile and adaptable to the conditions at hand, but still putting purpose at the forefront – be that long walk in the park or a masterly feat in extreme conditions.

Photo: Frank Kretschmann

Never Second Best

Something we often hear during our foot fitting services is that a customer brought a lower price, lower quality boot that perhaps either wore out quickly, or didn’t meet the needs of the task and caused more discomfort than comfort. LOWA promises to never deliver such service and thanks to not only purpose driven footwear, but also the best of innovative production and material sourcing techniques, only the highest quality will do.

LOWA are immensely proud of the quality, durability and sensation that their products deliver. Our team often say that a pair of LOWA boots is like walking on a cloud. They promise to never waver their standards in order to ensure that every pair of boots is produced to the highest standard at every phase of product development. 

In their own words “No compromises. Quality, comfort and functionality make us No. 1”

LOWA’s guiding principle of uncompromising quality stems from their ambition to produce the best in product excellence. Quality is a crucial part of the LOWA philosophy that safeguards customers in LOWA product performance.

Photo: Felix Meyer

Technology First

LOWA’s attention to every detail in design and European manufacturing has earned their boots a reputation amongst professional climbers and trekkers. There is a lot that goes into making LOWA boots some of the most comfortable footwear on the market. From the fit and comfort of the uppers to the soles that are designed for specific terrains. Here is a quick insight into some incredible pioneering efforts from LOWA.

Lining & Comfort

Comfort in your shoe is not just about how it feels against the ground. It is also about the foot itself, and LOWA’s linings ensure that they are perfectly regulated in all weathers. Many LOWA boots feature high quality Gore-Tex linings to allow the foot to be both fully waterproof and breathable, ensuring your feet remain comfortable for longer.


Of course, the reliability of the outsole goes a long way in determining the quality of any outdoor boot. At LOWA, a lot of their soles are unique to the task at hand to ensure not only immense precision with every step, but also supremely comfortable for prolonged use. You’ll never not trust your foot placement again thanks to their tread designs perfect for certain terrains, while additional features, such as climbing zones and LC-Supergrip give you further options, ensuring that you always have the right hiking footwear for your adventure.

Photo: Joyce Bongers

We hope you’ve enjoyed this quick dive into the wonderful world of LOWA footwear! To learn more about this incredible brand, or to try a pair of LOWA boots for yourself, contact our experts today!

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