Everything We LOVE About Rab

If there’s one thing we love it’s putting the focus on a brand that inspires our customers and helps you think “Hey that looks awesome, I’d love to be able to do that!”. One brand who often goes over and above in this area is Rab.

That’s why today wanted to focus on everything we absolutely love about Rab, highlighting some of the fantastic initiatives they run and how you buy with confidence knowing that their gear is going to help you achieve your next adventure goal!

Let’s get exploring!

History Of Rab

As the self-proclaimed ‘Mountain People’, Rab are at their very heart, a dedicated climbing and outdoor gear company. Being born with the planet’s most hostile conditions in mind, their products are built to last and always have quality and durability at the forefront of everything they do.

Founded in the late 70s by explorer and climbing fanatic Rab Carrington, the brand originated from producing sleeping bags in a loft in Sheffield. A lot has of course changed since then, but Rab drew his ideas from his own experiences climbing mountains across the world – Most notably his 1973 trip to Patagonia, South America. He reviewed the gear that he used and thought “How can I make this, but better?” Back then, every Rab piece was made by hand and rigorously tested by the man himself or friends and fellow climbers encountering the most extreme conditions.

The goal at Rab was simple and still drives their every decision to this day: To make honest, rugged climbing kit that could perform at the highest level. 


Today, Rab still upholds this vision of extensive testing to ensure their products are reliable when you need them most. They use cutting edge materials as well as time-tested ones such as premium quality European down and follow the sustainable philosophy that you’d rather repair than replace.

Over the years, Rab have continued to innovate their own technological advances, keen to grow and push the limits of what was technically possible, Rab put his extensive experience into action partnering with Pertex® to develop the Vapour-rise™ system. An all-in-one temperature regulation, exemplary moisture management system designed to increase protection from the elements.

Another example of this is Rab’s began the long lasting relationship with Polartec® materials. Utilising cutting-edge products using some of the lightest weight materials available combining them with revolutionary new insulation technologies.

Since 2010 the Rab brand has seen massive growth both in the UK and beyond with the introduction of iconic pieces such as the Microlight Alpine Jacket alongside the use of new and groundbreaking fabrics.


We are all for buying gear that lasts a lifetime. Rab share this vision with us and are making immense headway in the form of their sustainability initiatives. In their own words “We want your Rab items to perform well, in the conditions it’s designed for, no matter its age.” 

That is why  all Rab products come with a guarantee that covers manufacturing defects in workmanship and/or materials, for the usable lifetime of the product. Rab have been repairing items this way for over 20 years.

Instead of binning any samples, repaired returns, overstocked items, or other unsaleable products they receive, instead they are:

  • Resold in the Equip Technologies factory outlet shop, 
  • Resold at an event or tradeshow, 
  • Repurposed into new items 
  • Donated to charities for reuse (i.e. homeless charities, overseas charities), or 
  • Disassembled back to raw components and donated as fabric for education and research, and zips, cords and pulls kept as spares.

Environmental Work 

We also love brands who put the planet first and are bringing attention to some of the lesser spoken about issues facing the environment today.

Rab are world leaders in highlighting the importance of Microplastic pollutants. These are Microfibres are those which are directly released into the environment as small particles (less than 5 mm size). That  is why Rab try to minimise materials that experts suggest support the impact of microplastics – with ongoing research to always be improving. They are also a member of The Microfibre Consortium, an industry led body which aims to address the microfibre challenge through activities in strategy, integrity, research, and product development.

Likewise, excessive plastics are always at the forefront of Rab’s mind and as an outdoor brand, Rab are clearly concerned about the excessive use of unnecessary plastics in our lives, and the impact this has on the environment we all enjoy so much.

Rab has acted to reduce plastic packaging in our UK distribution process by:

  • Swapping to biodegradable gum tape and replacing plastic packaging tape which is difficult to recycle and contaminates waste stream. 
  • Swapping to paper/cardboard distribution packaging made from sustainably sourced materials and 100% recyclable, replacing plastic mailer.

So there you have it! Everything we absolutely love about Rab. Now get out there and fall in love with the outdoors once more! As a part of their 2021, we are working closely with Rab to join their ‘We Are Explorers’ campaign, designed to get you out and exploring both your local area and as COVID-19 restrictions reduce, exploring further afield!

Are you a Rab lover? We’d love to see your next adventure! Use the #ForTheOutdoors to feature on our social media channels!

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