Everything We LOVE About Osprey!

We love celebrating brands who share our values of a commitment to excellence, high quality products and who help you get out there and fall in love with the outdoors. Today we’re focusing on one of our favourites and their incredible range of backpacks, Osprey!

Founded in the golden state of California back in 1974 by Mike Pfotenhauer with a single sewing machine, Osprey have now become a renowned name across the globe for delivering incredibly high quality outdoor kit that are being used on the highest mountains to the remotest islands and everywhere in between.

Let’s dive into everything we absolutely love about Osprey and all the reasons we think you’ll love them too!

Quality & Sustainability

At the heart of buying an Osprey pack is the idea of buy once, buy well. Every single Osprey pack is designed and manufactured with quality in mind. Using the highest quality materials available to deliver a product that will last for years if looked after. 

Osprey really shares our love of using kit to enhance your enjoyment of the outdoors and unlike other manufacturers, explicitly sell packs. This focus on one product type has made them world leaders in their field and identified them across the globe as a sign of quality that is made for purpose.

This is further enhanced by the fact that for retailers especially, Osprey products are made to order. There aren’t enormous warehouses where stock lays dormant in an attempt to maximise sales, instead whenever an Osprey order is placed, you can have full faith knowing that that pack has been made with one key individual in mind – you!

Because of this pledge to quality over quantity, Osprey’s impact on the environment and sustainability is exceptional as they minimise manufacturing materials and wherever possible we use recyclable and recycled materials in packaging – and keep any packaging to a minimum.

The All Mighty Guarantee

In fact, Osprey take this pledge to quality incredibly seriously and is why they have also introduced their ‘All Mighty Guarantee’ that emphasises the fact that a well built pack will last for years to come.  As part of their commitment to protecting the environment Osprey always strive, whenever possible, to repair products rather than replace them. Should you find any defect in either the materials or craftsmanship of your pack Osprey have committed to either repair or replace it without any charge, within its reasonable lifetime.

Giving you full confidence in your product!


As mentioned, the main reason we love Osprey is because their philosophy very much aligns with our own. To deliver products which only enhance your love for getting outside and exploring your surroundings!

In order to achieve this, Osprey continues to be at the forefront of technological advances to enhance usability. In 1976, they introduced their first breathable mesh for airflow and wicking, in 2015 their ANTIGRAVITY™ technology, a multi-award winning backsystem which combines three-dimensional suspension with a tensioned lumbar support.

Every season, we’re always excited to see what Osprey come up with because more often than not, it excels even our own expectations of what a quality pack is!

Commitment to The Environment:

As the climate and environmental crisis continues to unfold, more and more brands are doing all they can to help minimise their impact on the planet. Osprey have very much adopted the thinking of in order for us to enjoy the environment, we all have a responsibility to look after it.

At Osprey, they demonstrate this through a number of initiatives such as the Bird Conservation Georgia’s project through The European Outdoor Conservation Association to stop illegal hunting of raptors in Batumi, Lesser Caucasus.

As mentioned, their commitment to minimising their materials is also demonstrated through their manufacturing values:

  1. By only building high quality products that last a long time.
  2. By not over-producing products and selling them at clearance prices.
  3. By using very expensive materials and fabrics, to keep wastage to an absolute minimum.
  4. By creating products that are NOT fashion driven, so they aren’t encouraging consumers to replace products before they are worn out.
  5. Wherever possible they repair warranty products rather than replace them.

So there you have it! A quick insight into just a handful of the reasons we absolutely love Osprey packs and their ranges. As it has been an incredibly difficult year, we are also getting strongly involved with Osprey’s new campaign for 2021 – ‘Again & Again’ to help encourage you to get outdoors and keep using your kit again and again and again to continue making some amazing memories you can look back on in years to come!

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