Marta Miracle


Staff Book & Film Picks: Marta

This week, it’s Marta’s turn to share some of her favourite outdoor- and travel-related books and films: A Walk in the Woodsby Bill Bryson Why I Like It: Set on the Appalachian trail, this story follows the footsteps of Bill Bryson as he attempts to complete this 2,200 mile behemoth. As with much of Bryson’s writing, this book holds plenty of belly laughs. Although undeniably funny, the heart of this novel follows an exploration of the self through nature and how being out in the wilderness can help introspection. Plus... Read More


Meet the Open Airists: Marta

Third time lucky! Meet our next staff member; mountaineer Marta. Hi, I’m Marta – I’ve been working at Open Air since August 2019. I’m usually found up on the shop floor helping out customers, downstairs putting together parcels for our online store or sprinting along Green Street to grab items for one of the stores. I’m a keen climber and walker; I’ve mostly spent time exploring here in the UK or in the US. My specialisms generally lie in mountaineering apparel and equipment – I particularly like to get into... Read More


Solo Cycling for the Socially Distant

By Marta. Getting a little stir-crazy indoors? Same here! If you really need to spend a bit of time outside for your daily dose of activity, why not a cycle ride? Check that your bike is working smoothly before you set off. Pack your backpack with an extra layer, a waterproof, a basic toolkit, your water bottle and a snack. You’re almost ready; we’ve just got a couple more suggestions for how to keep yourself and others safe. Plan your journey with the following in mind: Know your limits! Don’t... Read More


Meet the Open Airists: Tom

The series continues! Second on the stage is Tom, an enthusiastic flyer and canoeist. Hi, my name is Tom, and I’ve been working at Open Air since September 2019. I started in the main shop, where I learned about waterproof materials, rucksacks, walking poles, sleeping equipment, and how to care for equipment. I more recently migrated to the footwear shop, where I learned the basics of fitting customers with walking shoes and boots. One of the early lessons for me at Open Air was that there is an extraordinary depth... Read More


Caring for your Kånken

By Kaisa, Kristine, and Marta. I promised myself I wouldn’t get one upon my start at Open Air. The Kånken seemed that little bit too popular. The square backpack pops up everywhere; it’s carried by schoolkids, students and seniors (my grandma loves the handles at the top). As can be seen below I gave in, I saw the light, and when I saw this pattern it was just too darn cute not to have. Plus I had been worn down by its features; the practical design and the tough material... Read More


Ode To A Nalgene

By Marta Nalgenes are the bestAs this haiku demonstratesWhat colour is yours? When you Google “Nalgene bottle” the first prompt for further frequent questions is: “What is so special about Nalgene bottles?”  After all, Nalgene claims itself to be “The original water bottle” (discounting the extended use of glass bottles for the past couple of millenia of course). This question is clearly prompted by the outdoor community’s slightly overbearing reverence for the aforementioned plastic container- one that has been around for the better part of half a century. We as... Read More