Marta Miracle


Kaisa’s Recipe for Cinnamon Rolls over the Campfire

Detailed instructions and images by Marta Miracle As Swedish as can be, the humble Kanelbullar can now be found all over the world. Whether you call them cinnamon buns or cinnamon rolls, they’re equally delicious! Typically eaten during Fika (the word for a coffee and pastry break in Sweden), this sweet treat is so popular that the 4th of October is International Cinnamon Roll day or Kanelbullens dag. Our resident Swede Kaisa shares her campfire recipe for this Swedish classic. DISCLAIMER: Working with a fire can be a dangerous activity.... Read More


Staff Book & Film Picks: Kaisa

This week Kaisa shares a favourite film and Jonathan shares a book Soul Surfer Why I like it: It’s a true story about the high level competitor, teenage surfer Bethany Hamilton, who gets her arm bitten off by a shark while surfing. It’s about her tireless struggle to survive, come back to any kind of joy and quality of life, to actually take up surfing again, and to help others enjoy being in the sea again. I really like this film because of its lovely shots of the beautiful sea... Read More


Meet the Open Airists: Kaisa

This week’s Open Airist is scuba diver and general outdoor enthusiast Kaisa. Hi I am Kaisa, I come from Sweden and I am a PE and English teacher as well as working part time in Open air. My outdoor adventures have been many many all over the world over the years. I really like snorkelling, scuba diving, and horse riding. I’ve also done a bit of hiking, trekking and skiing. Last time I hiked was in Ambleside in the Lake District. It was great! I did 5 day trips in... Read More


Staff Book & Film Picks: Ashley

This week, Ashley shares his favourite climbing films: The Trilogy Why I like it: This is a film about one of the best climbers in the world, and maybe the best female climber, tackling the three biggest vertical climbs in the Banff national park in Canada. This is one of my favourite outdoor films because I first watched it with Sasha during her tour around the UK, but also because every step of the way through the film was nail biting. You feel like you are there with her as... Read More


Meet the Open Airists: Ashley

This week it’s all season climber and backpacker Ashley. Hi my name is Ashley, I am a 6 year veteran of the British Army and now a student. I’ve been working at Open Air for only a little while, but during that time I have been trying to adjust to my new job in retail and learning all the knowledge about the products in store. During the warmer months I mainly rock climb, but also try to do a lot of hiking to get my sweat on. In the winter... Read More


Staff Book & Film Picks: Robin

Robin picks some classic TV series to get our nature documentaries on! Planet Earth & The Blue Planet Why I like them: I like these because I find it really grounding to see the range of environments and animals on this planet. I find it puts everything in perspective and I definitely think there’s something relaxing about that. Seeing the range of landscapes is very inspiring too! It always makes me want to travel to experience it in person. It goes without saying that David Attenborough’s narration is top notch... Read More


Meet the Open Airists: Robin

Let’s get on with it! This week we introduce snowboarder and hill walker Robin. Hi, My name is Robin. I’ve been working at Open Air for one year now and have worked in outdoor retail for four years previously. You’ll likely find me working with the team on the shop floor where I enjoy getting into the nitty gritty of product details; especially technical clothing. In the outdoors I especially enjoy putting myself outside my comfort zone; be it reaching new speeds on my snowboard or jumping into a cold... Read More


Staff Book & Film Picks: Kristine

This week Kristine shares two films, one for the family and the other for some introspection. Snow Dogs Why I like it: The story is about a Miami dentist who inherits a house and a pack of sledge dogs in Alaska from his birth mother. Although he is not used to the cold climate of Alaska and the dogs are rebellious at the beginning, he decides to stay and compete with the dogs in a local race, where the adventure begins. It is a traditional story about friendship, challenges and... Read More


Meet the Open Airists: Kristine

The intros must go on! This week we bring this Open Airist centre stage: hiker and skier Kristine. Hello! My name is Kristine and I am new in the Open Air team! I have been working here for a month and if I’m honest I have never seen this much outdoor equipment and outdoor clothing in one place before! Do not misunderstand, I am familiar with outdoor leisure and I do enjoy camping and hiking. There is one simple explanation – I am from Latvia. In Latvia, we take a... Read More


Meet the Open Airists: Gus

Another week, another Open Airist; our telemark skier and bike junkie, Gus. G’day, I’m Gus. Australian, gear head, photographer and employee of Open Air since early 2017. When I’m not daydreaming about cycling, bushwalking and telemark skiing adventures, you’ll typically find me at the receiving end of a phone or internet inquiry as part of Open Air’s Customer Services. I’m also charged with running Open Air’s social media and marketing channels bringing to you the happenings at Open Air via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. For someone that spends quite a... Read More