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DIY Upcycled Gas canister planter

Text and Images by Gus Whitby Whilst ultralight gas-based appliances offer lightweight and incredibly flexible cooking, the trade off is managing the plethora of quarter-full non-refillable cartridges at the conclusion of a trip. Whilst I’m very careful to ensure the proper disposal of spent canisters, I thought I’d spare this slightly larger example and upcycle it into something a little more useful; a distinctly ‘outdoorsy’ herb planter. Caution: When working with metal you can encounter many a hazardous edge from the item or the tools you work with. Please proceed... Read More


Meet the Open Airists: Carenza

Been with us since she could start working; introducing climber and mountaineer Carenza! Hi, I’m Carenza and I’ve been working at Open Air for a little over 3 years. In the shop, you’ll find me fitting shoes or talking about the details of equipment – I’ll happily talk for hours about the finer points of climbing gear. Outside the shop however, I am normally busy studying for university or out in the mountains. Most of my trips are based around bouldering, but I am also a keen mountaineer. I have... Read More


Being Outside- What’s the Hype?

Text and images by Will Day Here at Open Air we all consider ourselves to be ‘outdoorsy’ and this article will therefore likely be slightly biased. However, what is all the excitement about the great outdoors? Over the last few years, the outdoor lifestyle has become highly desirable, with influencers and celebrities alike venturing into far flung places, armed with nothing but a pair of denim shorts and a Nalgene. And maybe some overpriced sunglasses. And of course their phone. And a team of photographers. And then someone to carry... Read More


DIY Ultralight Hiking Stove

Text and images by Gus Whitby This week’s instalment of our Open Air Camp Kitchen series brings you something a little different! Why not enjoy a hot and tasty meal on your next adventure by making your very own ultralight hiking stove? Alcohol/methylated spirits stoves make for some of the lightest backpacking stoves and hold many advantages over other cooking systems. Whilst there are many different incarnations of the spirit stove, the design I’m going to share is a simple ‘open jet’ stove made from a single aluminium drinks can,... Read More


Meet the Open Airists: Jo

Introducing another of our long time part-timers; Walker Jo! Hello there! I’m Jo and I’ve been working at Open Air for coming up 3 years. I started off working in the main shop as a member of Saturday staff while finishing school, but am now most often found in the basement, packing and dispatching online orders during my university holidays. I am a keen camper and walker and spent 4 years as an Explorer Scout before joining the OA team. Last summer I was able to spend 2 months teaching... Read More


Meet the Open Airists: Hector

This week it’s Fellrunner and climber Hector. Hi, I’m Hector. I’ve worked at Open Air for the past 3 years. I started at the shop working weekends whilst at college, and now work on the shop floor over my university holidays. I work all round the shop, but am most at home in the boot shop, or selling more technical climbing and hiking gear in our main store.  I’d like to think I am an outdoor enthusiast, a keen trail-runner, climber and hiker. In the UK my go-to destination would... Read More


Meet the Open Airists: Matt

Introducing our first ‘seasonal staff’ member, alpinist and climber Matt. Hi! I’m Matt and I’ve been part time at Open Air for 5 years now. I can work across the shop, but I spend most of my time in the footwear and climbing sections. I’ve been camping and hiking since I was young as a part of scouts. I’m a keen hiker and climber. North Wales is one of my favourite places to get away for regular trips as well as Cheddar Gorge for some sport climbing and I have... Read More


Meet the Open Airist: Joe

Introducing retired climber/mountaineer and dog lover Joe. Hi, I’m Joe and I’ve been working at Open Air for the last 8 years. I have the privilege of being Open Air’s manager and my time is spread between working upstairs with the shop floor team and downstairs with the buying, E-commerce, and customer service teams.  I come from an outdoorsy family and have grown up walking, camping, climbing and skiing. Until my early teens all of my outdoor adventures were in the UK, but as I got older I started to... Read More


Meet the Open Airists: Magda

Presenting this week hiker and our website guru, Magda. Hi, I’m Magda! I have been working at Open Air for over ten years now and gained a lot of experience in a variety of positions. From working on the shop floor to administration, dealing with web orders and most recently content management. Being a natural outdoors person I enjoy hiking and over the years have climbed up some mountains, gone down some valleys and ticked some items off my bucket list but added a lot more to it! I’ve recently taken up... Read More