Open Air Camp Kitchen: Flatbread Recipe

Text and images by Jonathan These are a lovely campfire treat, which you can whip up in the great outdoors (if transporting the dry ingredients together, make sure you keep the salt and yeast separate until you come to make them), or prepare the dough in advance and cook them on your stove. Ingredients (makes about 12): 500g Strong White Bread Flour 10g Salt 10g Instant Yeast 30g Unsalted Butter 300ml Water (preferably warm, but not scolding) NB: If you’re planning on making these at camp, make sure you keep... Read More


Meet the Open Airists: Jonathan

This week we introduce our keen hiker, backpacker, and cyclist Jonathan: Hi, I’m Jonathan and I’ve been working at Open Air for just over a year now. I do a bit of everything at Open Air – you might find me in the main shop, our specialist footwear department, manning our new shop at number 28 Green Street dedicated to Fjällräven, or dispatching online orders! It’s been great fun to work with a bunch of other people who have a real passion for the outdoors in its many forms and... Read More


Open Air Camp Kitchen: Dried Meals and Camping Food

In our first few posts in the camp kitchen series, we gave an overview of camping stoves and types of fuel, and an in-depth look at gas stoves. In this post, we turn our attention to the exciting part: food! If you’re camping on a campsite, or able to restock with food each day, then you’ve got plenty of options for cooking. We’ll share some of our favourite camping recipes in some future blog posts which might inspire you for your next trip! If, however, you’re carrying everything in your... Read More


Open Air Camp Kitchen: Top Tips for Eating on the Trail

In the opening parts of our camp kitchen series, we looked at how to choose a camping stove and the different types of fuel. Next week, we’ll bring you an in-depth look at dried food for backpacking and camping – a great way to save weight, time, effort, and fuel when cooking in the hills. To whet your appetite, here are some of our top tips for eating on the trail – enjoy! Embrace treats You’ve earned them! Keep things relatively simple At the end of a long day walking... Read More


Staff Book & Film Picks: Brett

This week Brett shares a favourite book and film which both celebrate a life in the outdoors: Fishing in Utopia by Andrew Brown Why I like it: I bought this book on a whim a couple of years ago, and couldn’t put it down; one of the few books I have read that I genuinely wanted to be much longer! Andrew Brown moved to Sweden in the late 1970’s, married, and lived with his wife and son in a cottage in the woods. The book is partly about the sheer... Read More


Open Air Camp Kitchen: Quick Guide To Camping Stoves & Fuel Options

Text by Jonathan; images by Angus Whitby Need help choosing a camping stove? Yesterday we brought you an in-depth look at gas stoves. Today, as part of our series on all things camp kitchen, we’ve put together a handy guide to the alternative camping stoves and fuels you could choose. Most stoves only work with a single type of fuel, and different fuels have different strengths and weaknesses, so you’ll first need to consider which type you want to use. If you want to be able to use your stove... Read More


Open Air Camp Kitchen: Guide To Canister Gas Stoves

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be bringing you a series of articles looking at cooking in the great outdoors. Hopefully, they will provide some useful advice and inspire you to start planning and preparing for your next trip, once it is safe to go camping again. In the meantime, please do stay home and stay safe! We begin our series with an in depth look at canister gas stoves. If you’re starting out backpacking and looking for a stove suitable for UK camping, a gas stove is our choice... Read More


Meet the Open Airists: Brett

Presenting our fifth Open Airist, boot master Brett. I have been working for Open Air overseeing the Footwear Shop since 2007, coming from previous employment with an engineering company. Within that time, I have seen quite a few changes! Footwear brands and models have come and gone, and so have staff members; some of the pleasure I derive from this job comes from meeting people, and I have had the pleasure of working with some wonderful, enthusiastic staff over the years who have gone on to have varied careers both... Read More


Staff Book & Film Picks: Gus

This week, Gus shares one of his favourite outdoor-related books, whilst Jonathan and Marta recommend an awesome but nerve-jangling film that’s an Oscar winner and already a classic: Dead Lucky by Lincoln Hall Why I like it: Another Everest tale, this time from veteran Australian climber, Lincoln Hall. Upon having successfully summited Mt Everest, Hall was struck by a cerebral oedema (high altitude sickness), collapsed, and was pronounced dead after an unsuccessful revival attempt by Sherpas. News of Hall’s death travelled rapidly around the world and to Hall’s family in... Read More


Fjällräven’s Famous G-1000 Fabric

By Kaisa, Jonathan, and Marta This comfortable, versatile, durable and hard-wearing fabric is a key material in much of Fjällräven’s apparel and equipment. In this article, we explore how this fabric was created, what it is, how it’s used, and how to repair your garments to keep them useful for many years to come. The History The Fabric The Versions of G-1000 Repairing your G-1000 Kit A Timeless Fabric For Explorers When a Scandinavian expedition explored Greenland in 1966, their provider of very functional backpacks and tents was Fjällräven –... Read More