3 Easy Ways To Keep Your Kit Dry

We’ve all been caught out by a sudden downpour at some point or another.

Despite a full forecast of sun, you never really know what the weather is going to do and it’s all too easy to find yourself drenched before you know it.

Trust us on this one, a few hours into a rainy hike, the last thing you want is to reach for your gloves, or that fresh pair of socks and discover…they’re damp. That’s a sure fire way to ruin the rest of your walk and if you’re camping that night, only gives your more things to have to dry later!

Today we wanted to give you some incredibly simple solutions to help you keep your kit dry without having to break the bank.

“But my rucksack is weatherproof!”

We hear this one quite a lot and promise you, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Almost all standard day rucksacks will leak in some way shape or form. Sure, there is the exception and a high quality weather resistant bag will certainly leak a lot less than a low quality one, but for ultimate security and full peace of mind, the best option is to always ‘double bag’!

Water always has a knack for finding its way through the lining, zips or stitching in rucksacks and whilst many bags do come with a weather covering that is designed to keep the sack safe from the rain, what does sometimes happen is that the cover protects the front of the bag and not much else. The rain will still run down your back and seep through the back of the rucksack…So that’s not great. 

Likewise, if you’re up a windy mountain and get caught up in a storm, you’ll generally find these covers can flap around A LOT, adding just that little bit more stress to your soaking trip.

Not to worry though, these solutions will help keep your essentials dry and keep your cameras, valuables and everything else in working condition for when you need them!

*Note: Another great use for these tips is keeping your kit dry from morning dew. It’s easy to forget that just because it’s not raining that the ground won’t still be wet when you put your rucksack down on the ground.

1 – Dry Bags

Sort of a no-brainer really! If you want the best solution to keep your kit dry, a dry bag that lines the inside of your rucksack is a necessity. These bags vary in size based on the size of your rucksack and simply need stuffing inside your bag, then load your gear in, seal and you’re good to go!

A lot of these bags are used for canoeing and other water sports, so you know they’re secure as anything!

2 – Bin Liners!

If you really weren’t expecting rain and didn’t remember your dry bag this time and want something a little more universal, something that we always recommend putting in any rucksack is a set of sturdy heavy duty bin liners.

High quality bin liners have a whole host of uses. Not only do they obviously help catch any litter or waste that you create on your journey, but they sure do make a great improv dry bag! Simply tear off the liner, load your stuff in, tie or secure the top and rest easy knowing your kit is dry!

Obviously you’ll want non rip bags to ensure your kit is fully safe so we definitely wouldn’t recommend going for the cheapest options here. Test the strength of the bag before you go putting your most valuable possessions in it!

Bin liners are seriously great and we could probably write 100 other uses for them if we really wanted to. Here’s one more: As well as a dry bag for your kit, they also make for even better improvised anoraks if you really find yourself in a tight squeeze! The best part about them though even if the bag rips, you’ll always have a few spares close by for your next stop!

3 – Self Sealing Sandwich Bags

A great solution if you like keeping your kit in easy to reach compartments. This solution can be easily combined with either of the above for triple security! A weather resistant bag, plus a dry bag plus a sandwich bag, it may sound like overkill, but you can be darn sure your stuff won’t be getting damp anytime soon!

Sandwich bags make for a fantastic inexpensive solutions for smaller items such as phones, wallets, socks that you won’t want to be getting soaked, they even work for sandwiches too you know?!

Gus knows how to keep his kit dry!

So there you have it, the next time you find yourself caught out in a freak spot of rain, you’ll be well prepared for it! Got another great solution for keeping your kit dry? We’d love to hear it use the #OpenAir to join the conversation!

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