10 UK Destinations You Have To Visit In 2022!

We’re all itching to get out over the next year and explore the wonders that the UK has to offer. To give you some inspiration and a little hope for the future, we’ve written up 10 must visit locations for the coming year that you, your loved ones or friends can hopefully visit!

…Without further ado, get your exploration hats on and check out some of our top 10 visit places in the UK for 2022!

1) Cheddar Gorge, Somerset

It’s a real staple in the UK and somewhere that we’d definitely recommend visiting if you never have. Whilst the tour remains closed indefinitely due to the COVID-19, the gorge itself is a natural phenomenon that you can’t miss as either a walk or drive through!

The rock’s limestone walls and beautiful pathways are a real sight to behold and filled with some incredible human ancestry…who knows you might find the next Cheddar Man!

Cheddar Gorge in the Mendip Hills, Somerset (Picture: Getty)

2) The Lake District – Cumbria

Rain of shine, The Lake District is home to countless wonders to explore. We genuinely believe that you could spend a lifetime exploring The Lake District, whilst many spend their time following some of the districts more classic walks (which we will add are classic for a reason!), there are still an infinite number of hidden treasures to be found.

For example, have you ever seen Cathedral Cave? Once a working quarry, this cavern is named after its main chamber, which stands at over 40 feet high. Beams of light come in through the hole in the wall of the cave, giving it the appearance of a Cathedral…Sounds awesome right?! Definitely one for your next Lake District outing! 

The Lake District, Cumbria (Image: Source)

3) Isle of Skye 

It’s no secret that the Isle of Sky is filled to the brim with some of the most incredible wildlife that Britain has to offer, from soaring Sea Eagles to the majesty of a fully grown Red Deer, the isle is picturesque and has become renowned for its pristine upkeep.

What is perhaps less known however are some of the incredible rock formations and natural features that can also be found there. Mealt Falls for example is a true sensation for the eyes. One of the largest waterfalls in the UK, it is cosily housed amidst some of the Isles finest cliffs. Visit on a particularly windy day and with the right conditions, you might also be lucky enough to witness the waterfall’s unique ‘organ’. When a strong wind is blowing, the cliffs become filled with a rather creepy but encapsulating tone as the wind blows into holes in the cliff face that act like piping…The cliff’s own natural organ if you will!

Mealt Falls, Isle Of Skye (Image: Source)

4) Gaping Gill Cave – Yorkshire

We LOVE a good cave. There’s something mysterious, dangerous and unsettling about them that just really tickled our itch to explore (safely of course!). The second we saw Gaping Gill, it went straight to the top of our must visit list!

Of course the rest of the Yorkshire Dales are equally inviting and littered with picturesque walks that you can easily get lost for a few weeks, but visit between May and June and the Bradford Pothole Club do private tours of the cave…Just get a load of it’s incredible size! This is a real hidden gem that few actually get to experience each year!

Gaping Gill Cave, Yorkshire (Image: Source)

5) Loch Awe – Scotland

The name says it all really doesn’t it? All of Scotland’s incredible lochs are an eye to behold, but this one, we’re particularly fond of. The third largest in the country, the loch is surrounded by serene castle ruins and home to some of the best trout fishing in the world.

Whether you’re looking to uncover its various mysteries, or go for a silent picturesque getaway, Loch Awe is not one to miss on your list!

Loch Awe, Scotland (Image: Source)

6) Stacks Of Duncansby – Scotland

Once again we’re sticking with Scotland for this one! (Perhaps we should just write up a full scottish trail list!) The Stacks of Duncansby however really are one of the country’s most spectacular sites. As you set out for a walk to Duncansby Head (which many tourists follow), you’ll skirt rugged beaches, traverse bogs and pass over a handful of everyone’s favourite…kissing gates. Soon though, you’ll reach these incredible stacks. They’re beautiful, powerful and act as a majestic backdrop for any photo!

Stacks Of Duncansby, Scotland (Image: Source)

7) Bonehill – Dartmoor

One for all of the climbers out there! If you’re looking for the UK’s version of Yosemite and in need of a climbing challenge, we’d definitely recommend heading to Dartmoor for some bouldering. With over a hundred problems packed across some incredible rocks, you’ll be in for great company, great variation and also in one of the UKs most picturesque settings! What could be better! You could easily spend a whole day here, or at least as long as your skin lasts.

Bonehill, Dartmoor (Image: Source)

8) Horsey Beach, Norfolk

If there’s one thing that can’t help put a smile on our faces, it’s seeing newborn seals. Their silly faces, curious nature and general gentleness is a really rewarding experience. If you’re looking to see a natural seal colony in action and from a respectable distance to give them some privacy nursing their young, we’d definitely recommend Horsey Beach during the summer. This beach really is a special place and once you see a seal pup in the flesh, you’ll realise why!

Seal On Horsey Beach: (Image: Open Air)

9) The UKs ‘Three Peaks’

It’s not really much of a secret and if you’ve already climbed any of them. But climbing Ben Nevis, Snowdon or Scafell Pike is an experience that you’ll never forget.

If you’ve already done it, you’ll already know that you want to do it again but for those who haven’t climbed any of the UKs highest peaks, a trek up offers one of the most rewarding experiences you can imagine as well as giving you stories that you’ll be able to tell for years to come.

No two people’s journeys up these incredible peaks are the same and gives you some of the best views the UK has to offer. Standing on top of the world with your loved ones is an absolutely unforgettable experience that we would recommend to absolutely anyone.

If you never have made the trek, take the plunge and conquer one (or all three) this year! You won’t regret it!

Ben Nevis(Left), Scafell Pike (Middle), Snowdon (Right) (Image: Source)

10) Falls Of Glomach – Scotland

Go on then, let’s finish up with another Scottish waterfall.

Despite roughly translating as ‘gloomy’ in Gaelic, the mood at the falls is an incredible sight. It’s remote, alluring and provides an incredible hike for the adventurous through the tundra moors, before dropping into an abyss-like gorge. Over 113m tall, the waterfall is known to invoke an incredible emotional experience as you see it’s power and sheer size in one of Scotland’s most picturesque surroundings.

Falls Of Glomach, Scotland (Image: Source)

There you have it! 10 top tips and places to (hopefully) visit in 2022! We know that 2021 has not been easy so hope this list has hopefully sparked a sense of optimism for looking to the future and unlocking your inner adventurer!

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