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Our Pocket Guide To Cambridge

Being a local independent business, we’re all about helping our fellow retailers, cafes and restaurants out! We often get asked ‘where’s good?’ and luckily, Cambridge is full of some of the most bespoke and artisan food establishments in the country, so we thought we’d list just some of our favourites here. If you’re looking for great food to compliment your day out in Cambridge, look no further, we’re sure there’ll be something for you – Don’t forget to tell them that Open Air sent you! You can’t go wrong with a good... Read More


What is Gore-Tex?

A common question we often get asked is what actually is Gore-Tex (or GTX)? This magical material pops up all over the place and is used in the very best of outdoor clothing, but what makes it so special? And why should you use it? Today we’re breaking down these mysteries and welcoming you into the wonderfully (waterproof & weatherproof) world of Gore-Tex! Grab an umbrella, because things are going to get wet! In its most basic form, Gore-Tex is a waterproof, breathable fabric membrane that due to it’s lightweight,... Read More


Gear Talk: Fjallraven High Coast Hydratic Review

Today we’re casting our eye to one of the real big winners for the Spring/Summer 2021 season, the High Coast Hydratic by Fjällräven is the latest from the Swedish giants that is an absolute essential for anyone in the market for a new lightweight jacket that can handle almost anything nature throws at you. We’ll be looking at some of our favourite features, as well as giving a little more insight into just what makes this jacket so beautifully versatile. Bad Weather At Its Absolute Best The message behind the... Read More


Gear Talk: The New deuter AC Lite & Futura

In today’s Gear Talk, we’re focusing on the new range from deuter, the new Futura and the AC Lite. Both of these packs are fresh in for 2021 and offer the first in the range of deuter’s all new logo and branding. Those looking for a non-complicated pack with countless potential rejoice, because one you feel the quality of a deuter, you’ll never need to head anywhere else! The first thing to note about both of these packs is that they were build to last. You can learn more about... Read More


Gear Talk: Talon And Tempest 2021 By Osprey

We’ve said it before and we’ll no doubt say it a million times more. We LOVE Osprey backpacks! Following on from our Brand Focus of Osprey, today we wanted to highlight two of our absolute favourite new updated versions of classic Osprey packs for 2021, the Talon and the Tempest. So whether you’re a keen mountain cyclist, an avid trekker or even just are looking for a day to day pack you can throw on without having to worry, we’re sure that the new Talon or Tempest will help you... Read More


The Beginner’s Guide To Rock Climbing

So you want to delve into the wonderful world of rock climbing? What a great decision! Over the past few years (pre-covid19) climbing has quickly become one of the fast growing sports on the planet. With the rise of indoor climbing gyms opening across the country and international recognition of the sport as it has now been adopted by the Tokyo Olympic games, more and more people are finding themselves falling in love with this incredible sport. But for the complete beginner, things can seem a little overwhelming, from shoes... Read More


Gear Talk: Rab Cirrus Flex, Kinetic Alpine & Downpour Eco Jacket Review.

When it comes to jackets, one brand who continuously excels to deliver incredibly versatile and fully comprehensive products is Rab. Following our review of Everything We Love About Rab, today we wanted to do a full focus on some of our favourite jackets. If you’re on the hunt for either your first quality outdoor jacket or are looking for your next jacket, this list will help point you in the right direction based on your next adventure! Today we’ll be focusing on 3 key lines, the Cirrus Flex 2.0, the... Read More


Top Tips For Food Sustainability With The Cambridge Food Hub

As part of our sustainable living series, we are spending time speaking to local initiatives and schemes that challenge the way we currently view the world we live in and offer unique, interesting and insightful ways to live more sustainably. Today we’re speaking to The Cambridge Organic Food Company (COFCO) and Cambridge Food Hub, a local Cambridge based independent vegetable food company who are placing power back in the hands of the people and striving towards creating a future for accessible, healthy and sustainable food for everyone. We caught up... Read More


Everything We LOVE About Rab

If there’s one thing we love it’s putting the focus on a brand that inspires our customers and helps you think “Hey that looks awesome, I’d love to be able to do that!”. One brand who often goes over and above in this area is Rab. That’s why today wanted to focus on everything we absolutely love about Rab, highlighting some of the fantastic initiatives they run and how you buy with confidence knowing that their gear is going to help you achieve your next adventure goal! Let’s get exploring!... Read More


Our Tips For Healthy Living

Amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life and all of the constant distractions and stresses that brings, it can often be difficult to stop to take a moment and let yourself relax. With more and more people suffering from mental health conditions, stress and anxiety, Today we wanted to outline just some of our favourite tips for healthy living and how you can use them to improve your own physical and mental well being! Get Outdoors / Exercise It’s no real surprise this is top of our list! But... Read More