Open Air Cambridge


Meet the Open Airists: Hector

This week it’s Fellrunner and climber Hector. Hi, I’m Hector. I’ve worked at Open Air for the past 3 years. I started at the shop working weekends whilst at college, and now work on the shop floor over my university holidays. I work all round the shop, but am most at home in the boot shop, or selling more technical climbing and hiking gear in our main store.  I’d like to think I am an outdoor enthusiast, a keen trail-runner, climber and hiker. In the UK my go-to destination would... Read More


Meet the Open Airists: Matt

Introducing our first ‘seasonal staff’ member, alpinist and climber Matt. Hi! I’m Matt and I’ve been part time at Open Air for 5 years now. I can work across the shop, but I spend most of my time in the footwear and climbing sections. I’ve been camping and hiking since I was young as a part of scouts. I’m a keen hiker and climber. North Wales is one of my favourite places to get away for regular trips as well as Cheddar Gorge for some sport climbing and I have... Read More


Meet the Open Airist: Joe

Introducing retired climber/mountaineer and dog lover Joe. Hi, I’m Joe and I’ve been working at Open Air for the last 8 years. I have the privilege of being Open Air’s manager and my time is spread between working upstairs with the shop floor team and downstairs with the buying, E-commerce, and customer service teams.  I come from an outdoorsy family and have grown up walking, camping, climbing and skiing. Until my early teens all of my outdoor adventures were in the UK, but as I got older I started to... Read More


DIY Ultralight Hiking Stove

Text and images by Gus Whitby This week’s instalment of our Open Air Camp Kitchen series brings you something a little different! Why not enjoy a hot and tasty meal on your next adventure by making your very own ultralight hiking stove? Alcohol/methylated spirits stoves make for some of the lightest backpacking stoves and hold many advantages over other cooking systems. Whilst there are many different incarnations of the spirit stove, the design I’m going to share is a simple ‘open jet’ stove made from a single aluminium drinks can,... Read More


Meet the Open Airists: Magda

Presenting this week hiker and our website guru, Magda. Hi, I’m Magda! I have been working at Open Air for over ten years now and gained a lot of experience in a variety of positions. From working on the shop floor to administration, dealing with web orders and most recently content management. Being a natural outdoors person I enjoy hiking and over the years have climbed up some mountains, gone down some valleys and ticked some items off my bucket list but added a lot more to it! I’ve recently taken up... Read More


Open Air Camp Kitchen: Flatbread Recipe

Text and images by Jonathan These are a lovely campfire treat, which you can whip up in the great outdoors (if transporting the dry ingredients together, make sure you keep the salt and yeast separate until you come to make them), or prepare the dough in advance and cook them on your stove. Ingredients (makes about 12): 500g Strong White Bread Flour 10g Salt 10g Instant Yeast 30g Unsalted Butter 300ml Water (preferably warm, but not scolding) NB: If you’re planning on making these at camp, make sure you keep... Read More


Meet the Open Airists: Jonathan

This week we introduce our keen hiker, backpacker, and cyclist Jonathan: Hi, I’m Jonathan and I’ve been working at Open Air for just over a year now. I do a bit of everything at Open Air – you might find me in the main shop, our specialist footwear department, manning our new shop at number 28 Green Street dedicated to Fjällräven, or dispatching online orders! It’s been great fun to work with a bunch of other people who have a real passion for the outdoors in its many forms and... Read More


Kaisa’s Recipe for Cinnamon Rolls over the Campfire

Detailed instructions and images by Marta Miracle As Swedish as can be, the humble Kanelbullar can now be found all over the world. Whether you call them cinnamon buns or cinnamon rolls, they’re equally delicious! Typically eaten during Fika (the word for a coffee and pastry break in Sweden), this sweet treat is so popular that the 4th of October is International Cinnamon Roll day or Kanelbullens dag. Our resident Swede Kaisa shares her campfire recipe for this Swedish classic. DISCLAIMER: Working with a fire can be a dangerous activity.... Read More


Staff Book & Film Picks: Kaisa

This week Kaisa shares a favourite film and Jonathan shares a book Soul Surfer Why I like it: It’s a true story about the high level competitor, teenage surfer Bethany Hamilton, who gets her arm bitten off by a shark while surfing. It’s about her tireless struggle to survive, come back to any kind of joy and quality of life, to actually take up surfing again, and to help others enjoy being in the sea again. I really like this film because of its lovely shots of the beautiful sea... Read More


Meet the Open Airists: Kaisa

This week’s Open Airist is scuba diver and general outdoor enthusiast Kaisa. Hi I am Kaisa, I come from Sweden and I am a PE and English teacher as well as working part time in Open air. My outdoor adventures have been many many all over the world over the years. I really like snorkelling, scuba diving, and horse riding. I’ve also done a bit of hiking, trekking and skiing. Last time I hiked was in Ambleside in the Lake District. It was great! I did 5 day trips in... Read More