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At Open Air, our entire team is driven by a unified vision:

"To inspire and help more people to enjoy the Outdoors, sustainably and responsibly"

We believe that we are the first step in helping someone achieve their travel goals.

Whether it be reaching your first peak summit, getting out to explore the local surroundings, or even just supplying high quality packs or footwear that helps enhance your lifestyle and allows you to enjoy the great outdoors that little bit more.

We treasure the memories that our customers are able to create through the products we stock and believe that what we offer is so much more than just a pair of shoes or a bag, they are enablers to help people enhance their love for the outdoors.


Born Out Of A Passion To Explore

Wet, shivering and worn out is no way to experience the outdoors.

This was the thought that went through the head of our founder on one of his hikes back in the 80's. These character building experiences lead to a desire to save others from the same misery, by providing them with the right advice and gear for enjoying the outdoors and so Open Air was born on 18 October 1990. 

Since then, we have encountered almost every possibility that customers might throw at us. Where some are looking to top the highest peaks in the world, others are looking for a comfortable fit to make every day life that little bit easier. Whatever your need, we've got you covered! 

We Put People First

We believe that our customer service IS our brand. Any online retailer or high street shop can sell boots or packs, but what sets us apart is our team's attention to detail and understanding of our customers needs. We want to give you meaningful choices.


If we stock three similar products, it is because each and every model offers something unique, either in terms of features, fit or function. We will guide you expertly through those differences in person or through our written advice.


We often search out smaller quality makes that you will not encounter in your average chain, Swedish and Norwegian brands like Fjallraven and Bergans, great Yorkshire bootmaker Alt-Berg, or fast and light rucksacks from Osprey. In doing so, we hope to give you unique and real choices that are most relevant to what you intend to do, be it heading into the hills, climbing alpine peaks or travelling to far flung locations.

Want to learn more about our fitting service? Read our guide here! 


Personalised Service That Speaks For Itself

We're incredibly proud of our level of service and since introducing our appointment based footwear and pack fittings, we have been overwhelmed with the response from our customers thanking us for us a unique shopping experience. To learn more about our appointment service, read our guide here.

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